Bura na mano holi hai……………..(hurrah)

Well today i wanna write abt the holi celebrated in IIIT………
This was my first holi celebrated without my famiily but this holi was one of the best holi i celebrated …..seriously holi in IIIT rox…….
We started off the proceedings by tearing of the shirts n t-shirts of each other and not leving even the vests of each other..
Some time later the situation was that none of the ug1 guy was wearing his shirt or t-shirt every one was topless …. U could distinguish ug1 frm odrs by this fact seniors wer all wearing shirts n we ver all topless though after sum time they too followed the suit. We even used the mud of the ground everything we could lay pur hand on we used ..
though i feel sorry for rajesh whose shirt was torn off n was sad abt it…
N sum ug1 guys who didnt come they missed a very gud day in IIIT
Though this ws gud but there was one major drawback that the colours wer very less…
N sum of the guys used greese(watevr b the spelling) and wen their turn refused to be coloured
BUT OVER ALL IT WAS MY BEST HOLI SO FAR though a bit short but short n sweet


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