Diary for 9th april

I have decided that i will be write a diary everyday from now on……

So for today i wake up at 2:00 pm since i had to take my lunch otherwise i could have kept sleeping more coz i slept at 6:30 in the morning.Then i completed my morning assignment and after doing it (mind u didnt had bath then ) i went to have lunch in NBH mess.The aloo ke paranthe were ok there n I was relieved to find aloo ke paranthe there coz ihad thought that till now aloos must have finished and we would be getting simple paranthes ,this has happened to me on some occasions……

Lunch finished i came back to my room then laptop infront of me i started doing BC when i came into my room thet ime ws about 3 or 3:30 i started downloading some movies like “the others “(preparing for days after 12th u know….but vud end up watching tom) .Then i was reading pdf files aboutRamanujan which i got frm a community i joined today.I was also trying to configure my gmail account in Thunderbird but failed so if anybody reading this post knows how to do that then pls temme then i decided to sleep at 5:30 pm and woke up at 7:30. Wentto have my dinner abt 7:45 mp just after waking while maruti was eatin my head for the 15 minutes between 7:30 and 7:45 saying he was damn hungry . I returned at about 8:30 to the room so till 8:30 in the night i had done nothin specific in the day except eating and discussing about the 50% reservation in colleges as proposed by Arjun Singh with Maroo n PK while having dinner. We decided that cwe r gonna have a signature campaign in he campus on 12th after our exam …………………….

After coming back i was reading the threads in the community This 50% reservation is shit and the time till it was 10:30 pm and then i and maruti thought i vud not kill me if i start studying ITWS coz tom is our exam so we came to work space and we started reading the slides while i copied Lakshya n Green Mile frm prashasti’s lappy making use of the speed provided by Wired LAN n i came to know tat her system had a virus coz my system detected it.Then i installed McAffe on her system coz her Norton was beyond its trial period.Then I,Maruti n PK studied for some time and then went to canteen to eat something just to find that there was nothing to eat except samosa,kachauri n cream roll so i took a Samosa n Orange Candy(PK paid for it…..i m broke nowadays).We came back and started studying while doing BC continously which you would expect frm 3 ppl like us studying together……………….

Finally we started to end (PK n Maruti i was eager to study ………(serious bachha :))…………) while the main 2 slides of python are left one is of OOP n d other i dont remeber the name i dont know what wil happen tom……..

Lets see…………… so now i am going to sleep

So good Night………………………….. 🙂


One thought on “Diary for 9th april

  1. Hi dude,
    Good 2 know that ur into this stuf… but yaar.. don mind.. but if like it like this u want have 2 many ppl readin it.. ‘cos u’r jus writin it like a regualr routine!!! Make it spicy and get in yr lovely sense of humour 😛

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