The sweetest n the most gentle

I was thinking that i should write abt my good friends on my blog and since i was chatting with and i was becoming senti
so i think i will write about today ……..
what to say about her well she is the most tolerating and the most aptient person i have ever seen in my life i just cant
understand how can a person have patience in such huge quantities.I think that she is sent from somewhere above there to teach people like me how to control yourself and your mind though i have failed miserably in learnin anything from here……
Leaving this she is someone i can share anything with without the fear of it being revealed to anyone…..enven to the people most near and dear to her.Both of us have always been there to console each other wenever we were in tension due to someone. We were and are always able to understand each others problems and were always able to identify with each other’s problems in such cases.Well i dont know what is special but there is something surely special in our chemistry we just seem to strike the right chord in each other’s heart.U might think that i am exaggerating a wee bit but i am not…………
I think i have not even expressed half her worth but i dont think i will be able to she is just too good to be described and if i write more the post will grow too long….

One thing more i should also include the testii wrote for her in this blog so the testi goes this way……..

She is the most tolerating person i have met in my life.

She is one of the most sweet girl i have ever meet.She is a person about whom i feel caring she is my sister a sweet little sis though plder than me(sorry 4 mentioning abt a girl’s age).She is just so sweet i dont have words 4 her.
She is an ideal friend for a boy
Actually an IDEAL GIRL.


2 thoughts on “The sweetest n the most gentle

  1. dere r sum things which touch ur life in a strange way….things dat leave an indelible mark on ur mind….dis blog is one such thing… do i thank himank 4 penning down such b’ful words abt me…..i m touched…..dis is sth dat vl remain as a pleasant memory of our ever lasting bond…….dis is too gud..himank i owe u so much in real life n now dese generous words….i m obliged 4 life!!
    hats off…….

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