Exams Over………….Now a brief(which has grown long) review of my papers

Well so finally exams are over and we are now entitled to do masti its not illegal to watch movies now.So i am planning to watch atleast the following two movies Pretty Woman,The others well there are other movies also on my lappy namely Lakshya , Green Mile n Mask(in Hindi) so i have 5 pending movies to watch . Though i dont like watching movies that much as most of my friends do its dificult for me to convince myself to watch movie…its not that i dont like watching movies i jus luv once movie starts but i dont like watching movies more ,it seems lke a wastage of 2-3 hrs but after watching i feel that i utilised my time………..

Well leaving aside movies i will discuss about my exams in this post.Starting from the first one
->First paper was Physics I have known since i came into my class XII that my physics sucks and this realization keeps getting strengthening year after whether it be when i was peparing fo IIT or it be the first sem when our very beloved,revered Prof.Chandrashekhar Mukku used to teach us.In this paper also i didnt fare very well it came and went we had done a preparation of only 3 hrs for the paper….so it was destined not to go well.

->Next we had EC i had studied much for it i actually i was taught by Prashasti,Deepti and Piyush and i studied much more than i have ever done in my short n brief life in IIIT i was thinking that my prep is ok though i was not confident abt my preparation.I went to give the exam and this exam ws areal disaster .I did all that i knew within the first 45 mins snd then after it i ws just doin timepass in the paper i ws also feeling sleepy in the paper and didnt close my eyes even for one minute coz i ws afraid that if i sleep once i will wake only whn the paper ends…

->Next was the CO paper by our beloved DEAN Dr.Govnidarajulu mind you i gave him the occassion to ctach me only twice and once i was called the "Nawab Of Lucknow" and the other time i was called an "Ostrich" when i was sleeping in his class.I was taught CO also by Prashasti n Deepti and i studied for CO also very much but what to do.This paper was also hellish

I think this post is growing too long and too boring so i will cut it short now……….

->So continuing …our next paper  was DS which i was supposd to do well coz i was once considered a bond in programming but as was acceptable to destiny this paper also<b> "barbad ho gaya" </b> n all my hopes of getting an "A" in DS are also gone with th paper…….


I had absolutely no preparation for it till 8:30 pm the day before maths exam i didnt even knew the course of maths and after that also Raman was teaching me and i was jus tlistening to him lying down in the bed so my prep ws done this way and come the paper and i dont seem to know anything in the whole damn paper just due to he help n support of Harsh i was able to write some thing resembling solutions in my paper otherwise i was thinking i am gonna get "C" or "D" but now i can thikn of B- in maths

Now the last one and i will also be able to end my post

->ITWS the prep was same as usual which is no prep as always we read some slides before the paper and i was hoping that this ITWS paper will  also go like all the ITWS papers till now but this was not acceptable to God and this paper also was bad like all the papers this time  i am sure that i have done all the objective questions correct but am sure that amongst all the programs none is correct

 So i end my very long post here of which i am also bored now i just think that my SGPA is going to be very bad this time i dont know what it will be but i am sure it will bw very bad………..


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