Diary for 11th April

Well today also i woke up at 12 in the noon(and plan to do that tomorrow too after all at what time can u wake after sleeping at abt 6 in the morning).We had our EC lab test today we had to give a demo of the project we made and a viva. Our project was a simple one but even in such a simple one PJN ne humari mar li…..pata nahin kya kay qusestions puch raha tha well it was over and after it there was a fight to catch Prof Bipin n to run away from jayanti coz if she caught somene then that group is destined to be doomed so we were finally able to catch Bipin and he took our viva nd it went off peacefully much to our comfort …………
After the EC lab test i came to my room and did BC the whole noon and the evening till abt 7:30 when i slept and then i woke up at about 9:30 and again orkutting and BC this continued till 11:30 when i n maruti went to canteen and there i ate for the first time in the day after a waffer which i ate about 2:30 pm in the noon.I ate one egg noodles n drank a grape juice then i n maruti did some BC and when i was returning to rom i found pagu and i and he went to chand’s room there Adi was also sitting besides chand n manish we did some BC there for an hour andd then went to canteen there i bought an orange candy and the rest 3 chand,pagu n adi bought a strawberry icecream which sucked and then we decided to roam abt in campus when chand told some thing secret about pagu to us which i can t disclose in the post it can not be made public like this and after roaming for abut half an hour we came to the hostel and started doing BC near the stairs for about an hour while we were formatting plans to rag our juniors …………It feels so gr8 to knw that when we come back after the holidays we will be seniors it will be such a gr8 thing to be called sir n ya finally we will not be the junior most batch which is forced to do the most menial jobs everytime

N ya one thing more i hav also applied to become a mentor i dont know whether i will be selected to be a mentor but if will be exciting if such a thing happens…………..Lets see only time will tell wheteher i become a mentor or not!!!!
So i end my post here and i will sleep in about half an hour frm now as i am thinking ryt now if it happends then today after many days i will sleep before six lets see


10 thoughts on “Diary for 11th April

  1. Hey write about the Dog’s incident.. n try to make it humorous…
    exaggerate on paggu’s reaction..
    newayz gud.. work boy

    Waiting 4 the next 1..

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