Diary for 1Oth April

Today was the day of the finishing of our exams.

In the morning(for me non for other normal humans) i woke up at 12:00 then after doing my usual duties i went to the mess to have my lunch.After coming frm mess I,Shrikant n PK started reading the iTWS slides which we were not able to understand ,so we stopped this futile exercise………….n started doing timepass……We kept doing it till 2:45 (mind u PK had gone to study somewhere) ……..

Then i went to give my exam and reached examination hall 10 mins late and when i reached my examination room the room was so hot that i acnt describe it was as if there is a fire somewhere in the room…..i just tried to keep my cool by drinking water every 5 mins and whenever i asked for water.He looked up to me as if i am demanding a pot of poison to give it to nebudy else he looked with so much disgust at me…..so the paper finished somehow i am not gonna discuss it in this post………..

So finally our end sems finished and we are free people now on if you dont consider lab exams so we came back and started watching “Catch me if u Can” which i was being forced to watch as i had watched it 1.5 times earlier.When we were watching the movie comes shrikant and tells us that vamsi sir is calling us for tyhe party he promised for his job so we went to lingampally and went to Raj Bakers n Restaurant which reminded me of raj bakers in lko well the food there was good aur free ka khana kise achha nahin lagta hai………………………..

Then we did usual BC and i kept doing it till now and i plan to sleep at 5:30 when many ppl might have woke up from their night sleep!!!


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