One hell of a horrible day(Diary for 13th)

I couldnt write my diary for yesterday coz when i came to my room yesterday at 5:00 am PK was watching movie and 3 hrs of movie ws left so there was no chance that i could post anything yesterday.I will write something about the rain yesterday in some other post……..
So today was supposed to be a day when we had to enjoy it was supposed to be a great day we started the day by going out to koti in a weather which made us feel as comfortable as the ‘C’ assignmenets given by Jawahar Sir or ‘DS ‘ exams given by ‘Prof.Anoop’. It was hot as hell and on top of that i was wearing a dar k coloured t-shirt coz that was the only one left with me all my other t-shirts are dirty and i am as usual too lazy to wash them and as usual too forgetful to remember giving them to the dhobhi….so we carry on our journey with bags on our shoulders giving the false impression to the people that we were not going to sell books but going home as most of the people are leaving for homes now…………
So we reach the bus stop and alight the deluxe bus which we had been hoping for coz we had such a lot of luggage… in the whole day this was the only thing which happened as we expected otherwise it was just the reverse the whole day……so we reached koti somehow and when we were about to reach there the mausam maharaj decided to change its behaviour and the weather starting pleasent but now we had one more fear ….we had our bookd with us and there was the chance of them getting wet…….Fearing this we got off from the bus and as soon as we got off the bus there was a aandhi“a wind storm”……we braved it and just as we thought it was going to end then comes the thing we were fearing for all the time the mighty and the all powerful RAIN which if once comes even the mighty and the all rich BCCI cant do nething to organise its matches…so what could we ordinary mortals have done we just took shelter in the nearest shop which we saw and heard much from them about spoiling their shop and *#^%$^#@$^&*@#^& but we the shameless fellows how can such things affect us and we keep standing there until the rain God to stop showering his blessings on us so finally he decided that we had enough and other ppl other places needed showers more than us at that time so he decided to leave us and decided to attend to the needy ppl insome other part of the globe……So rain over we started looking around for shops where we could sell our books we just kept on roaming from one shop to other all in vain finally we hit upon one shop which we thought vud be the golden one for us and ya it was it returned us full 18% for our books and it was such a great deal we were such stupids,morons n idiots to be expectiong 30-40% on the books how can we expect such a thing from the great indian shoppers ………and after selling the books we were hungry like hell and we went to the gokul ice cream corner i drank a cold drink there …..
After this escapade we started thinking what to do next as all 5 of us (Me,paggu,maroo,adin chiku) were in no mood to go to college and sit in front of laptops i,adi n maroo were willing to go to PVR n pay 90 bucks for movie there so after some time crag too agrees and then there is a long fight to get paggu to agree to watch movies…finally after a whole lot of persuasion paggu also agreed to go n watch in PVR so we were to PVR (watch out for us PVR we r gonna rok u for the first time)


So finally we reached central and bnought tickets for the movie though there was a feeling inside us that this movie might not be that good but we decided to go on and bought tickets wrth 90 bucks each after buying these tickets we decided to go to “Sher-e -Punjabi” only place in that whle region where u can find food(?) at reasonable price and of reasonable quality.But tragedy wont leave us there and when we were eating foodthe light went off as we were watching one of the most interesting movie “kismat or ws it himmat” same hero and vaise bhi heroins r not star cas tdey r jus show pieces so the light gone the 5 of us trying to eat as the sardar jee didnt hav n inverter or generator

We went in to the hall n ya PVR is surely the best inhyd withouut doubt leaving behind Prasads by miles,I sort of liked the movie in the first half i didnt knew where it ws goin but i thought it cud b nice in next half but the next half was a huge disappointment it finished in just half hour and the 5 min part during which all the action took place i was out chatting coz my dad’s phone had came so i missd it so due to these circumstances also i didnt like it thought i doubt i vud hav likd it if i vud hav seen that par

So finally we blew away 200 rs for a completely waste day n vud regret it


One thought on “One hell of a horrible day(Diary for 13th)

  1. i dont agree that v wasted d 200 bucks.. ‘cos the food was OK sort of. nd also the theatre was awesome.. wortha go 🙂

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