Marriage….wat do ya think???

I have been thinking of doing this for long but i wasnt able to find time ……( i m a busy man these days i do many important things these days like slumbering 11-12 hrs in a day and using my time in killing time by just sitting in front of idiot box the whole day)……………….
    I intend to write about marriage today not that i am an experienced guy in this field of life but its just that i wanna write what i feel about marriage the matter of this post will be sans any expectations i have from my sex life  after marriage which is also  an integral part of marriage but i will just concentrate on the emotional aspect of marriage i would just like to write on my  views on the thought of living with a certain individual for your whole life(i m hoping that my mariage doesnt end in a divorce)
    Well actually speaking i would just love to get married and i m just waitng for that special day in my life most of the guys i have met till now are usualy of the belief that they want to enjoy their freedom and dont want to get married early …….to tell you one thing i am the kind of person who always is in the need of company i am always happy when i am with someone talking with the person and i am just too happy with the thought of having a girl all to myself.I am just terrified with the thought that she would be a person with whom i can share each and everything it woul be a very different feeling to have a wife she would be a person about whom i can say that she belongs to me and i belong to her well i would like to say that this sense of belonging is the thing which is the most atractive item of this whole package called marriage(after readin these lines you must be thinking that i might not be giving her the space she needs but believe me this wont be the case) …………….
    I am so excited with the thought that there would be a girl whom i dont know now(or know her if things work out well with someone) with whom i would be living for the rest of my life she would be lying down with me resting on my arms i and she cuddled together i am waitin gofr the day when she would rest her head on my chest i have just seen this on tv but i can say that i would be a real nice feeling whenever that happens and i will be waiting for that day…………………………….
    If you ask me then i would say that i would like to be married just after completing my B.Tech (well that means 4-5 months) but i kinow this is not possible coz i will have to do some post graduation course coz simple B.TEch is not enough for a guy these days if u wanna progress in ur life so i will have to wait for almost 5 more years and i am game for it…………………Well whoever you are and wherever you are just keep waiting for me for about 5 yrs and then i will be coming for you…YOUR PRINCE CHARMING(bolne mein kya jata hai)…………….



6 thoughts on “Marriage….wat do ya think???

  1. Vats moh maya buri bala hai… tere vicharon ko dekh kar lagta hai tu moh maya se grast hai.. isse bahar aa vats.. aur ek saache sadhu ka jivan vyatit kar….

    Hey Gud work … nice to see tht u r so open abt ur marriage.. frankly I was more interested in the other half of the marrirage (I hope U got it!!!).. impressed by ur alacrity in gettin married…. still U have a long way 2 go buddy b4 tying the knot…
    I wish you that U get Ur dreamgirl…(all the best 4 that)
    continue the gud work…..

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