Help me out ppl

Hi all of you ,there is nothing much important in this post but in this blog i am asking for your help  well as some of you know that  yesterday was my birthday (those who havent wished me can do this shubh kam now)…………
So as you all know that on birthdays,gifts are also given to the birthday boy(or girl which doesnt apply in my case) in my case i was asked by my mummy n papa to ask for a gift as they couldnt think of a gift to give it to me right now. There are two options i can think of right now to ask for as a gift one thing i am thinking of is a ‘WRIST WATCH’ one thing is i am passionate about wrist watches right from my childhood and i would love to have a watch but there is one problem with having a wrist watch actually i have 6 wrist watches (i told you na i am passionate about watches) so i am thinking about some other option .
Second option which i can think of right now is having clothes as my birthday gift. This is a very common option that anybody can have for his birthday and not a very bad option to have. Earlier i never gave a damn to clothes but after coming to college i have started caring about the clothes i wear so i think at this stage of my life i think i can also buy clothes .
These things apart i think i would be pleased if i can think of any other thing as my birthday gift then it would be very goooooooooood coz i dont want these usual things as my birthday gift but something new and innovative so for this important i want help from you guys and gals out there please suggest some good thing that i can ask as my birthday gift from my parents (and please meri aukat mein rehna !!!)……………..
I will be waiting for suggestions from your side so just fill my blog with your valuable comments


5 thoughts on “Help me out ppl

  1. so dis is a million dollar question… suggestion wud b go 4 sum shoewear….sum gud ones….u kno…..n kabhi frust ho jao to sar par maar lena!!(just kidding)…u have fun n lemme kno kya liya….bbye!!

  2. Baba Chand Dev says…
    Dekho Vats jivan mein tu khali haath aaya hai aur khali haath jayega…. isliye koi gift ki aasha maat kar…
    aur bol de.. mein kush hoon… aur in sabh chizo se pare hoon…

    Chand says….
    Hey luks lik u r in a dilemma but don’t U think clothes will become a lot more common given tht u av plenty of tht
    but It is a better option than having a watch…
    but I thnk U shud go for sum electronic thin lik a CD man…
    will be reasonable…. or go 4 an Ipod… got it right..
    Sum cool gadget can be a gud option.. rest is up to uuuuuu..

  3. Hi, This is Pallavi From Indore. & i suggest u a gift from ur parents was a life partner,which u will accept them. Infect my praposual was allready giving them. If u dont mind u will talk with me then call me . Thanking of u. Takecare & Bye. Agar kismat me huaa to hum jarur milenge.

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