There are three things which are waiting to be written by my magical hands but first of them i will write about my journey to Nainital and my stay there so as most of my friends know i had to go to nainital actually my adarniya pitaji had some work in the High Court in Nainital so he decided to take me and my matajee also with him so that Humaun bhi Nainital ghoom ayein so first we went to the place where my dad is posted its name is Ghansali (dont ask me anything more about that place) from dehradun. Now getting strainght into the matter at hand i will start desribing about my journey from Ghansali to Nainital.
An important thought which comes to my mind

One thing which i always think whenever i go anywhere in the hills is that it would be so good if we could somehow find a technique to build cheap bridges then it would decrease the distances so much i think a distance of 200 kms in hilly region will reduce to abt 30-40 kms if we can build cheap bridges and connect places situated on adjacent hills and thus reduce distances.Right now miney required to make 1m length of bridge is about 1.6 lakh rupees whereas 1km road needs 20 lakh rupees this is a ratio of 1:80(that to can go up if the length of bridge is more which is essential according to my plan) i think if the ratio can come down to about 1:5 to 1:10 then it would be very benificial for the people in these areas.I have always thought that if i can develop a technique like this then 'MAIN TO AMAR HO JAOONGA' there would ne new type of bridges known as HIMANK BRIDGES in the whole world but know this cant happen so i am ready to die an unknown death and (hopefully not) get faded in the tides of time .

<b>Going Nainital</b>

We startes off at about 5:20 am in the morning this i think was maybe the first ocasion in the last 2-3 yrs when i woke up at about 5:00 am in the morning after sleeping in the night i have been awake till 5 many times but have done the feat which i did that day…..So we left and i was wearing a half sleeved shirt which was a mistake i realised later coz it was very cold out there and i was unable to open my window until 9 coz of the cold outside the journey i would like to say was one of the most beautiful journeys i have had.There are many things i would like to tell u ppl about that journey.Starting with the things i noticed first.I have noticed these things umpteen no of times in my earlier journey in the hills but i will write about this time…….
While going first beautiful thing i noticed was the way the people in the hills do their farming,the slope of every hill on which people live is turned into something like the stairs of green colour for a giant it looks so good to see these green strips spread all over the slope of the hill you just have to see it to appreciate its beauty. While we were in the starting leg of our journey i saw a girl must be around 10-11 yrs of age and she was a shepherd was moving along with her family members(atleast i hope so) she was fair(as you would expect for someone living in hills) and the colour of her eyes was also so good(but not good than mine no need to appreciate my eyes i know their colur is beautiful)she was very beautiful but a little too young she wasnt the only one i also saw another one must be almost of my age or maybe a tad older than me but she was what you would call a "Gaon ki Gori" she was just too beautiful sans any accesory she was just an epitome of beauty.She was just to good hope we can have some like her with her simple and beautiful.
One thing which is very disgusting when you undertake long trips in hilly areas is the roads.They may look beautiful to people coming for first time in the hills it may seem as if you are riding on the back of a snake crawling on the hill but to me these are the curves which i would never like and the curves which i like i dont get them (so sad 😦 what to do).These roads are the thing which i would not like to be more curvy coz then they would turn into 7UP curvy bottle and if it happens then how will we go places(ok! i m remembering Manish from college and Meghna from my school).At one place the road was looking like a 3 sided rectangle which so much resembled a portion in the track 'Outback' in NFS2.
Another interesting thing which i noticed in this journey which i have seen once more and can be seen only in the interior of the hilly roads where vehicles dont frequent much was two cows starting running frantically on seeing our car ,they were afraid of our car like hell.It was a very funny sight seing them running away from our car .
One more thing which i would like to mention is during the morning part of our journey people were constantly asking for lift from our car and to one of them i offered the place in the dicky of our car coz we didnt had space in the seating section of the car which didnt amuse neither the two of them nor my parents much so i decided not to help anyone anymore in the whole trip(Main geeta pe hath rakhkar kasam khata hun ki main jo bol raha tha sarasar jhooth bol raha tha sry yaar geeta ke boyfriend par kabhi kabhi to aisa mauka milta hai).

Know this was a boring one but i wished to write about my journey so i have written so that i have no regrets with myself so now this is your friend Himank taking your leave bbye cya ………


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