Reservation Mania

I couldnt think of any other attractive title for this blog ,its just simply reservation which i am talking about so i will come straight to the point .


This is the fire which is burning all the students who are aiming for higher education in any reputed government college be it engineering or medical studies. Seroiusly speaking i cant understand the government's ideology behind implementing these reservations. I cant understand why the hell they had to bring the 'Jeannie of reservation out of the bottle(as we say in Hindi)". Almost all of the people of our age might not remember the incidents which happened when the "Mandal Comission's" came into effect but these sick,philanthropist,old,fit for nothing "NETAS" who are the leaders of our country who have been elected by the vote exercising public of the largest democracy of the world to take our country a leap beyond in the development ladder and make us stand shoulder to shoulder with all the developed countries of the world like the great n mighty n authoritarian(hope i have spelled it correctly) USA , the country of technicians n geniuses the JAPAN n the fastest emerging country the country of the mighty builders CHINA but alas what these netas who are definitely the future of INDIA(obviously yaar how old does Arjun Singh looks to you according to me his age must be a maximum of 20-21 yrs)are doing is just the opposite. They are just trying to hold back the talent of India and reserve seats for people who are not that much talented.


One thing which i strongly disagree is the student burning himself in this struggle and trying to take his life. I dint know what has happenend to him but for sure i know that "<b>Mr.Rajiv Goswami</b>" died protesting against reservation in a similar fire which was ignited sometime in the early nineties. According to me if he had to die he should have done something good and killed the then HRD Minister Mr.V.P.Singh and then got a death sentence atleast he could have done something good and sent a message to the political parties that whats the value of a human life. It is said that things are exaggerated in movies but if you talk about politicians i think they are just an understatement .


There are some questions which i wanna ask Mr.Arjun Singh and the leaders of the largest and the oldest political party of India .
Q: Mr.Politician can you tell me when are you gonna implement the quota in the parliament ???
Q: If you keep doing this can you think that there will be no brain drain from India??
Q: Why do you go abroad to get treatment or call doctors from abroad to treat you??Why dont you get treated by the doctors who have got admission by the quota???


The Government as come up with the proposal of increasing the seats in all the colleges so that the no of seats available to the general class students are not compromised. For this they are ready to upgrade the infrastructure increase the no of professors and do all the arrangements needed for it. Although i dont think this to be feasible. I dont think that the government has adequate funds to do this and even if they have the funds to do so then why doesnt the government uses the money to increase the infrastructure at the grass root level. The so called backward people should be given facilities in their education upto 12th class they should be given free eduacation. New schools may be opened in the remote areas with the money which they are thinking of using to increase seats in higher education institutes and after doing this (giving thm proper education upto 12th class) they should be piped in with the general catgory students coz the hard work done ny the general category students should not go in vain .


If you listen to me i dont say that there should be no reservation. There should be a reservation based on economic status of the student. Why should a SC/ST/OBC whose dad is earning lakhs per year get reservation?Why should he get advantage when there are other people who are poor and need the help from the government? They may be from any caste but those are the real deprived people who are in need of reservation.
One thing more i would like to say about reservation is that nowadays in many colleges setas reserved for SC/ST are vaccant coz they cant even clear the cut off marks required. Once counselling for these candidates is over ,these seats should be made available to the people who havent got the support of reservation and are trying to get their due by the virtue of their merit.


6 thoughts on “Reservation Mania

  1. himank getting serious!! 1st time in so many yrs……jokes apart…..i agree wid himank…..who vl not?? dis is a serious issue. dis reservation is injustice to all of us…all of us who r struggling every minute 2 make place 4 ourselves.i suppose d government is answerable to all of us n dis reservation must b done away wid immediately.

  2. oye control yaar..tussi to arjun betwa ki jaan hi le loge….on a serious note though…..i think there should be a relook inti d whole process of reservation..the criteria of it…..
    if s government wants d uplftment of d SC’s,ST’s n d OBC’s ….work has to be done at d primary level…keep reservations in good schools.give them everythin they want upto. say maybe 12th..but after that it should be every man for himself..
    ah a bit carried away..could keep writin more n more…this is supposed to be a comment
    now i wanna propose a reservation..(reservation for girls(maintain a healthy ratio of boys to girl).strict criteria for intake….

  3. just chill chill just chill
    ya i do agree wid u.. if government wants to help them den help them financially
    reservation is no solution

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