Well guys i thought that i should recollect all my happy memories. My life has not been a roller coaster ride till now consisting of happy moments and sad days in equal measures. I have had my share of happiness in my life which has been much in strumental in moulding me the way i am into the “BINDAAS (as one of my friends termed me)” guy but its not as if i havent had sad moments in my life i have had them also. I not only have the expiriences of happiness in my life but also have my tearful moments (Ya guys i too have cried sometimes). Lets not get in the philosophical mode i wil write about my happy experiences.

IMPORTANT:-I have boasted a lot about me so continue further only if there is no chance of you becoming jealous of me.

I will write it categorically


I have had many succeses in my academic career till now(ya i like to boast arre yaar boasting is good for my ego kabhi to khud ki tareef kar lun yaar). One of the haapiest achievement in my life has been qualifying THE NTSE well all of you must be knowing that it is the most prestigious(i dunno the spelling pls forgive me for it) scholarship in India well qualifying that was one of the best moments in my life. Then there have been many qualifying or securing a rank in each of the Olympiads in which i have done so. These were real good achievements and i day feel glad and proud whenever i think about them or watching the certificates i have won in these olympiads. Of these certificates i feel most proud on the one certificate which i won in class VII when i was first in the district in some GK N Science Comptition and i always feel that it is a big thing.Well in never gave much importance to my X n XII class results but they are the most asked things by others so it is a good thing to getting good marks there.


There have been many happy moments spent with my family all the talks about my so called girl friends with my mom. I being associated with almost all the girls of my class with whom i talked more by mummy. All the jokes cracked by my sister in her own distinctive style and all the funny names with which my father calls me. Leaving all these things one thing i can remember is my cousin’s marriage. Well those few days were somehitng i will never forget THOSE WERE (one of )THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE i had real fun that time serious fun just we cousins and we had a blast of a time pulling each other’s leg playing antakshari with the help of cheating of the older generation (speacially my mamas, not the mama of SEXY MAMA by Bombay Rockers mind you) and making comments on the girls of the bride side sometimes and having a breakfast with a hell lot of people (actually my mom has 5 sisters and 4 bros so quiet a lagre family 20 ppl of our gen of which atleast 15 wer der).


Well this part of my life has also given me much happiness. I can still remember that day when i found that in the scrap of Ekta Didi that a perosn has written my name in (his/her’s) list of best friends a person whom iused to consider one of my best friends but was not sure abt d feelings on the other side. Well sriously it was a feeling which i can never describe in words not beacuse it ws something special but just b’coz my vocab is not dat gud(just joking !!Wat did u think??) .And there are two people who just came to know that i am not in a good mood by just chatting on messenger and through messages. I will always remember the act of this guy who is considered to be very seious about studies roaming around with me 2 days before coz i was terribly upset. Then recently when a person called me on just hearin fro ma person that i was not in a good mood. And dat one guy who used to always support me when i was being insulted on the cricket field which used to happen almost always when i used to play cricket coz i m a loser when it comes to playing almost any game excpt calculation games(ok ok i m boasting again). In this column i think the most recent things are included forst so some of my friends please forgive me if you are not mentioned.




  1. Vats tune baba chand dev ki aankhon mai aansu la diye….
    I will rate this as one of ur best blog so far bcos it reflected ur emotions… nice 1 man……
    abe yaar 1thing had to write it… tu online kyun nahin aata….

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