Main Aisa Kyun Hun????

    Vaise to mujhe ye gana bahut achha lagta hai and the title of this post is inspired by the song but is opening line ka koi sense nahin hai ye to maine aise hi likhi hai aur main SPRITE  isliye peeta hun kyunki SPRITE clear hai samjhe bachhon(whichever way we spell it ab main hinglish ki zimmedari kaise le sakta hun).
    Well Himank achhe bachhe mazak nahin karte so coming to the topic. Today while going to the Java class and  then coming back from there i did two things which forced me to think ki Akhirkar “MAIN AISA KYUN HUN” . Its nothing extraordinary and nothing unusual for me and the people who know me can surely expect these type of activities from the Great Himank Sharma but the people who saw me then who are strangers to me must have been surely amazed.
    First while going to the class there was a gutter cover it had 2 holes on its face one was a bigger on e and the other one was  a bit smaller and a stone was kept on it which was almost equal to the size of the bigger hole anybody who would have observed this would have looked at it and would have moved on after looking at that piece of architecture specially given the condition that the person was getting late for the Java Class where the teacher had grown tired of waiting for the person many times but not me. How can i ever behave like normal human beings ever??? I stood there trying to push that stone into the gutter with the help of my so athletic feet and just kept trying to  accomplish the mean feat i had undertaken but to no use so after some time i was left with no other option than to pick the stone and drop it into the hole. After that burst of bachpana ended i saw around me and saw anold chaprasi uncle looking at me and smiling at me and evevn i myself could not stop myself from laughing at my childish behaviour and then started runningcoz i was late for my Java class. It is not a new thing for me to do such activities but sometime later while returning I did another thing that too seemingly foolish.

    I was returning after my class jo ki hui nahin coz in the days when i was enjoying in lucknow he had shifted me to another batch (earlier he was teaching me alone) just hope there is some gal in  that batch now. Whlie i was returning suddenly my shoe-lace became undone and i spotted a and kept my foot on it to tie my lace and voila what i see a state of the art sexy sweet cute charming CACTUS and now the thought comes into my mind that i should toch the cactus and see how hard the thorns of the plant are(a perfectly normal thought for me) as soon as i touched i realised that the thorns were much harder than my expectation and immediately my hand recoiled just then a car passed by and i could see a kid in it looking at me and laughing at (hopefully not) my endeavour with  the Cactus i also smiled at my behaviour and this made me think that why do i always behave in this way.

    All my friends have atleast once rebuked me for being so childish. There is a very very long list of strange habits which i possess.
    Some of them i am listing ahead ,THE LATESHT of them is whenevr i used to go to OBH or coming from there in IIT there was always one side of the lawn type thing which i preferred to use and when i asked for reason by my friends there was none which i could think of. Other one very similar is, when i used to live inlucknow i always used to go out of my colony from one side and come into the colony the other way. This routine which i faithfully followed for 4 yrs i lived in that colony. Another interesting thing which i do is whenever i see a vehicle’s number plate i just start dividing and multiplying the two nos on the plate(mostly dividing) suppose if  the no is “UP 32 AC 9059”(registration no of my beloved scooty which is sold now) then i will divide 9059 by 32 and i dont know what all types of calculations. I dont think most common people do these type of things thats why i raised this question i just hope somebody answers the quesstion……….


11 thoughts on “Main Aisa Kyun Hun????

  1. well a daring post i must say… few av d curag 2 com up vid der innr side n share it vid odrs…. as far as i c it, der’s nothn wierd n avin such thots… d difrnc only lies n d fact dat sum lik 2 xpress d child insid demsleves while odrs dont…infact dis openness s var maks u 1 of most bindaas ppl around…so buddy… av no regrets n b urselvs….

  2. Baba Chand Dev says…
    Vats lagta hai tu apna mansik santulan kho chuka hai… koi nahin yogasan kar phir tu aisi ulti sidhi cheeze karna bandh kar dega….

    Chand says..
    Hey yaar there is nothing unusual abt it…
    well u still have the child in u who is curious abt the things in his surroundings n luvs to xperiment…n these xperiments sum times gets u in awkward situation .. which r humourous at times.. but we luv u the way u r.. n luv poking fun at u… if u do sumthin funny… let it be ur likeness for certain route in OBH or sumthin else….
    Well jus continue ur funny experiments.. nothin to be shy off….
    n post it here… hehe….

  3. waise mujhe lagta ki tum kafi pagal ho but tumhara post padhne ke baad mujhe actually lag raha hai ki tum kitne bade wale ho………

    nvr mind bt i found it really cool n interestin coz these were some things which i share wid u coz i am also a bigtime jhalli
    i enjoyed readin it

  4. @Baba chand dev ….plz stop posting like dis …u will get ur ass kicked

    @ever smiling ….i must say a good post thing is for sure ..tere jaisa koi nahi ho saktha saari duniya mein ….so stop blaming urself ..mein aisa kyun hu ..

  5. Waise mai jab bhi kisi vehical ka number plate dekhta hoon to use yad karne ki koshish karta hoon taki agar us vehical me terrorists hue ya usne kisi ko thok diya to mai police ko bata saku(Wierd but never mind).Waise ye sab likhne ki zarurat hi nahi thi kyonki hume pata hai tum kaise ho aur kyo ho ye to bhagwan hi jane.

  6. that is really brave of u to write that kind of blogs himank !!
    waise i dont think these things are to strange for people like u or me but it is really difficult to tell it to everyone else !!
    good goin boss !!

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