24X7 I think of you

Subah subah subah subah
Rat      rat      rat     rat
Aankhone mein dil mein tu
24×7 i think of you

No i am not talking about any girl i am just writing these lines about my latest, new found passion which is BLOGGING. Ya i have just gone mad over blogging. This has been the only worthwhile thing which i have done after coming to IIIT.
    Blogging is my greatest passion these days. Only thing i do these days is urging all the people i know in this whole wide world with whom i am in contact by scrapping them and giving my url in messenger. Earlier my net presence used to start with logging on to orkut but now the home page on my browser is https://lifeizlikethat.wordpress.com and whenever i am online i keep refershing my blog stats after each 2-3 mins. Seriously speaking i dont have any work these days so blogging and publicizing my blog has been the saving grace of my holidays which could have been so boring without any friends here at Dehradun. Ab dehradun ki bat aa gayi hai to i would like to say "Dehradun sucks and it sucks big time" this is one the most congusted city i have ever seen in my life. I just cant stand Dehradun and i love Lucknow much more now since the time i have reached here in dehradun.

    In the starting days i wasnt getting results but nowadays i am also getting results which is reflected as for two consecutive days i have been getting visit count to my blog in 3 figures before that for 3 consecutive days it had been hovering at about a count of 50 and before that it was at a dismal 20 but now i am happy coz my hard work (which has been for first time enjoyable) has been recognized and people at my insistence are visiting my blog.

    In the end i would like to thank all those who have visited my Blog and are withstanding this boring post now……So if you want to be thanked from my side just keep visiting my blog and keep posting comments.

PS:- After having 3 digit views to my blog for 2 days it was down to 84 yesterday and today in evening it was 69 making a nice looking parabola but now visits have again reached 3 digit mark again today destroying my good looking parabola     


5 thoughts on “24X7 I think of you

  1. sentimental post !!!!!!!!!!!

    Neways so inform me whenever u post .

    i would llike to be the first one to read it and give comments.

  2. Baba Chand Dev…
    vats…. mera aashirwad tere saath hai…. .tujhe aashirwad deta hoon ki tera blog aur unati kare…..aur tera count nayi oonchaiyon ko chuye….

    Chand says….
    ur blog rocks……
    atleast u ll have this visitor visting ur blog 4 sure…..

  3. Bhai i could see how deeply ur attached to ur blog.Chalo timepass ke liye kuch to mila tumhe…..Lage raho(but with more interestin posts).

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