Dreamz Unlimited

My humble request to all the people of 2k2 batch of our college ->Pls Pls Pls Dont read the 3rd paragraph of this post Pls Pls Pls ………
 It is said that our dreams fulfill the wishes.It is said that in our dreams sometimes we see the things which we hope for in our day to day life(though this happens very rarely). So i am gonna write about two of my dreams one is a recent one and the other one is more than 2 years old.

 My first dream about which i will mention is the one i had on the night when the next day my IIT Pre result was scheduled to come. That dream was related with my crush at that time. I dont remember what was the content of the dream. I couldnt remember the dream even the next day when i was telling about it to one of my friend a few days later when i was rebuked that how could i sleep so well and dream when other people were losing their sleeps over that matter. Well coming to the dream, i can never say anything about the content of the dream because i can’t recall it but iwould want to make it clear that there was nothing erotic in it. What made it special was that it made me feel as happy i as have never been and have never been after that. It was just a different feeling which i would say was very different  atever i have ever felt in my whole life so i decided to jot down this dream in my blog. I dont think anybody will ever be able to understand the feelings on my part but this dream will remain etched in my memory for ever.

 Before writing about the second dream i just hope that people from the 2k2 batch of our college that is people who were three years senior to me means who were in 4th year last time and have now graduated(well most of them coz some of them are doing MS in IIIT and are the major cause of my fear) dont read itbecause i dont want to get ragged or as it was said in our college  have healthy interaction with my seniors. So now coming to the matter at hand that is my dream. The reference to context is that i have been appointed a mentor that is a group of seniors  who will look after the freshers and prevent them from getting caught by some seniors who would try to make the  interaction unhealthy for the freshers. So coming to the dream finally the matter was that i and a senior “MA’AM” were roaming around as i am a mentor and she was somehow the head of the mentors though she has graduated from the college and as we wer looking around to free some poor souls from the crutches of the happy souls of their seniors(though in my whole life i would never do that, saving the freshers from the seniors after all they are to be ragged) and we are moving about talking to each other with no one in sight(i dont know what we were doing in that “sunsaan” place looking for juniors) and then suddenly i dont know what happened all of a  sudden she just kissed me (keep guessing wher???) but oh my God how did this happen  how lucky i am. She was certainly considered one of the “MAAL” of our college which is a community in a serious shortage in our college. I never found her much beautiful in the whole year i saw her but in the dream she was looking much better than she does in real.
PS-:One hint for people who are trying to guess who she is. Her full name that is including her surname has got a ‘R’ and an ‘A’ in it. This is enough and i cant disclose much coz of the fear of my revered  SENIORS.


7 thoughts on “Dreamz Unlimited

  1. ha*********, kiski taraf aankh utha ke dekh raha hai ;).. neways i agree with ra….. :D;):P .. par bhai, tune yeh soch bhi kaise liya:P …. 2 ladkiyan bas nahi hai kya :D;)

  2. arey baap re… ye kya mai to sach mai soch bhi nahin sakta tha ki ra* bhi aise karegi… lekin yaar mujhe ye batade ki tera kya reaction tha uske baad…. itna pata hai ki tu mast hoga lekin mai kuch aur jaanna chahata hun……aur wo tu samajh raha hai….

  3. Ok …. Nice dreams .. but can u tell me who that *** was .. and anywaz …I think the reason behind ur long sleep is this ****

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