Friends Friends dont go away

I dont know why it happens with me that i keep losing my closeness with my real good friends and this has happened not one but many times in my life. I keep on losing my friends due to one reason or another and in the list of reasons i am not including the ppl with whom i lost contact because i shifted my school or the place where i was living . It has almost always occurred due to some reasons which have been either unknown to me and always has been out of my control except one event about which i wrote a few posts ago….

I dont know why it happens to me i have a person who is a very good friend of mine and a person with whom i can always share each and everything i have in my mind and my life but then then except in one case there has been some problem with that guy/gal which moves that person away from me and in the three cases of which i can think of right now. The main problem was a person of the opposite sex as my friend …

But i wont say that a person of another gender than a friend can disembark the boat of my friendship its just the basic understanding of a person how to mantain realtions with friends while taking care of someone special. In two of the three cases it has not even been a relation,just an attempt for relation in one case and i dont know what in another case( i have no idea but something fishy for sure).

I cant understand that its my mistake or that of the other person. Obviously i wont realise my mistake if there is any but i dont want to have any realisation on this topic coz even though i keep losing my friends this way but i keep on getting others and in one of the three cases my ties with that person strengthened after they hit an all time low and now they are as good as they were once and also my nature doesnt allow me to think much about the sad details of my life.

Thats why i tend to ignore things like this but then it hurts sometimes when i realise that there is a person with whom o developed such a strong bond in such a short interval of time that things just came to my mouth in front of those ppl without any effort and now i have to think before talking to those ppl. This is the thing whic hurts me most that what have i done to deserve this.

May the almighty above wants me to go through what i made Chameli go through but i did it only once but have been made to go through it 3 times already. I dunno what is God’s wish behind this but it is said na “Jo bhi hota hai achhe ke liye hota hai ” So i am waiting for the good part of this to come into my life!!!!


2 thoughts on “Friends Friends dont go away

  1. yaa thats true………..u must try not 2 do anythin which hurts ur friendship & always try 2 make it stronger & stronger

  2. himank jo bhi hota hai achche k liye hi hota hai…..i being a firm believer in God strongly feel so…..u dont worry……tumhare kuch dost(jaise ki main) to hamesha rahenge whenever u need dem…..
    take care n dont worry…God bless u!!

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