A Poem

This is a poem which is one of the series which i am gonna publish in my blog….

This is written by my school friend Archit Shukla…

I’m high I am high again
High in the ocean high in the rain
High in front of my teacher teaching all in vain
Yeah my friend i did drugs and look im high again

Free from the world and all its ties
Leave me alone im ready to fly
So clear is the world and the blue sky
I’m high again and i vont ever cry

I dont know how you would react to thi spoem but i like his poems so i have decided to add his poems too on my blog


5 thoughts on “A Poem

  1. I appreciate that you appreciates ur frnd’s work. Though I had kinda believed that u r not of this kind. newayz good job by u and Archit as well.

  2. good work dude..
    even archit wasnt bad….
    hey had gud time wen u wr in delhi man…
    hope we meet soon….
    this time with all gang bag buddy.. let the bonhomie prevail forevaa…
    cheers to our frnship!!!!!!!!!!!

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