Orkut : New look sux!!!!

For jobless ppl like me orkut is the only saving grace in the times of sheer joblessness(along with blogging i should mention n chatting n watching movies n ya doing bc with friends)…… But what to do if you have nothing to write on the blog n all the ppl sitting online are the guys to which you have become permanently offline and all your friends are busy with something else… then orkut is the only way you can do timepass…….

But lately orkut has gone through drastic changes. It has just become a headache for the guys who want to do much of their browsing without using their mouse….

The new look orkut just sux…..Whatever you do on orkut just never think of using tab…coz dunno where u would be landing after using tab….An accident occured with me when i as usual tried to post a scrap using the “pyari si” tab key i pressed the tab key three times in hope of reaching the submit button but no i wasnt there so i thought that i must have missed it somehow(God knows why i thought so) ….so i thought of trying it again and finally after 3 more tabs i decided to press enter…………and lo and behold i deleted my previous scrap in the scrapbook of my friend which i had written with so much of patience and dedication and hardwork and blah… and blah… This is seriously very very bad 😦 Meri itni sari mehnat barbad ho gayi….
And ya not only the problem with tabbing even the look, the guy has used tables everywhere and it looks so fu***ng bad. I dunno wat ws the use of changing the look and feel of orkut when all was going fine…..
And ya just try deleting more than one message at a time. I was maddened in an attempt to delete messages one by one and even this way there was some problem. I just dont know at all the way to delete messages…

Even today i was trying to change my profile and kept my name as “Himank : Orkut new look sux” then again i was to my usual habit of tabbing but agin i ended somewhere else.

I m seriously sick of this new look. I hope that Orkut Büyükkökten gets to know abt the hardships faced by the “Junta” and makes some changes to the look of orkut….

Just hoping………………


22 thoughts on “Orkut : New look sux!!!!

  1. this has been done to remove that “no donut for you “thingy …He has converted all images to normal buttons ..For christ sake somebody do something

  2. Yeah well said mate!!!! That bird brain Mr. Orkut must be told abt dis f**king thing…..
    Da new luk really sux!!!!!

  3. Hi,

    In my office ORKUT is blocked but I am accessing the same through b3u.net proxy.The problem is I cant submit any scrap.The submit button is just like a picture.If u are clcking it no effects.The same page will be there.So one pls look into it.

    Thanks in advance

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  5. Orkut geting into new outfit to compete Facebook with some new good features .The new Orkut has been designed by using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Its an Open Source software which can be used to easily design web applications with less efforts.

    Some features :
    Friends’ updates are now a default feature
    The IM list is now on the right, and is the only pop-up
    Square photos for all profile photos
    Limiting private messages to all community members
    IE6 browser not supported for the new orkut
    All data is supported by both orkut versions

    See what the new beta Orkut looks like http://www.techarena.in/news/17252-orkut-gets-new-outfit-compete-facebook.htm

  6. Вот что я нашла
    даже для авто
    Как то раз столкнулась и поняла что необходимо просто иметь такое дома!!!
    Нет ни чего надежнее и интереснее и более того выгодно купив!!

    проволока титановая

    от души рекомендую
    Не подвели !!!

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