I write a lot of “I”s

I am thinking- What to do after completing my graduation know its a far off thing par log chain se kahan baithne dete hain(read parents..) n dat i should start studying now coz i dont want this sem to be fu**ed…Right now ….Would my blog visits increase after writing this post 🙂

I want- a gal with whom my frequency matches….as my girl friend not because it is hip to have someone as ur gf….but coz i am disillusioned with some of my closest pals…in whom i had complete trust n faith.. and just thought that they would never neglect me and they are doing so because of someone close from the opposite sex…

I wish-When i die i am someone in this world not just an ordinary mortal who lived his life noramlly and nobody except his near n dear ones knew him…

I miss- Closeness with some ppl with whom i was really close…once….

I hear- LUCKY ALI(all time fav. he is awesome..i jus luv him).After him almost everything does except punjabi songs i cannot make out even a word of what they say!!

I wonder- What would have happened if i hwould not have screwed my observation exam in National Astronomy Olympiad(missed myhance to go to Greece)

I regret- The way i treated HER

I am- smiles,happiness,cheerfulness,a budle of energy(dis is wat ppl say),hyperactive,unruly(ppl also say this). A sensible guy(ha ha 🙂 ) who wants to be in good books of everyone but many thimes ends up doin things which hurt some of my mates (though i always make up then…by hook or by crook) (This is what i say !!!)

I dance- Naah ….never. Vaise sumtimes i try to do some steps

I sing- Almost always…Wherever i am ..be it lab,class,party anywhere and anytime most probably you would find me singing…

I cry- very less… I can count it on my finger (that is after the time when i would sob after being scolded by my parents)…i can say it wud be 3-4. Of this one was when i was watching “Swades” ya the only movie in which i cried…..

I am not– What you would say a multi-dimesional person i have always been just a bright student in my school, never a multi-faceted one…

I write- because i just love the concept of blogging.. reaching out to so many people and also because i can write on the blog what i cant say to people on their face..

I need- a few close friends in my life… and a someone special….and a bit of concentration so that i can atleast study one-fourth of what my classmates study….

I should- start expressing my feelings in front of ppl. Many times i just cant force myself to say things to people in front of them be it good or may be when they have hurt me..but i am not hesitant to blast anyone if i feel like and he is not my good friend….but i cant speak out in front of ppl whom i am really close to..

I finish- off the namkin senwai made by my mom at once…whatever be the condition of my tummy…I just love it…hmmmmm…


16 thoughts on “I write a lot of “I”s

  1. oye!! this one was really kool..
    ( thats why “i” am leaving a comment 😀 )
    seriously.. i loved this one.
    hoping to see more of these kind ( n not ur ‘fattae’ ) in future..
    happy blogging!!

  2. @My name : Kamsekam apna naam tolikh diya hota n ya thnx for d comment….I will try to do the same without any fatta

    @ Karan: You a**hole go fu*k yourself kam se kam apnihone wali bhabhi ke bare achha soch

    @skp : It is gr8 to get a comment frm you!!!

  3. d00d ! just keep one thing in mind…if u want ppl to read your posts, just write what you want them to know …btw that was a good post 🙂

  4. Hey!
    Very unique from a lot of other blogs.Lucid language and great creativity.U too are in search of a gal???I hope you find one soon.These things apart I think this blog is really an insight into what you really are.Great going!!

  5. so … have u found the right frequency yet ???? …. btw if a wave goes frm one medium to another , it’s wavelength changes …. but not it’s frequency . So it was gud to use frequency !!!!

  6. dood…ur rytin style is quit impressiv as vel as quit xpresiv…..just i don find the idea of goin “all public” veri fascinating……but den again…its ur wish…..kudos 2 ur bloggin!!!!!

  7. great post , abt girlz they r everbody’s problems and even if u find one frequency matches ……….(u r asking for too much).

    abt friends belive such a stage always comes when u feel that some people who were very close are drifting away , but it will soon pass away

  8. Himank u rockd……….waise yeh “HER” kaun hai jiske liye tu regret kar raha hai…:P….abe tu itne “i” use karta hai aaj hi pata chala…….:D………but yaar i liked da way of ur writin & da way u express ur feelings

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