Missing didi…..on rakhi

Come Rakhi and every guy is rememebring his sister. I am no exception to this….

Today my sis is not at all going out of my mind. All the rakhsa bandhans are coming back into my mind. I can remember all the days when she had tied rakhito my hands….This is seriously becoming much more emotional than i had thought i would turn out to be.

I can still remember all the days of my childhood when i wanted that my hand should be covered with rakhees and was never staisfied with less that 15 rakhis and used to be so sad when my sister got money or gifts. I always used to thinkthat this is very bad..why should girls have all the fun….and always used to ask my mom ki “aisa koi festival nahin hota kya jismein ladkon ko kuch paise milein…” and the answer was a clear..”NO”. So it used to be a little sad day forme…..Just thinking abt all the gifts she used to get…ok,accepted she used to share the sweets with me..but never the money.. 😦

I can always remember all the times we have spent fighting with each other for petty issues but we were always there to help each other and screen each other from the scolding recieved by mom. As i think all sisters are …..caring,nice, generous she is all of them and she has been one of my great friends too….I have told her all about my crushes even abotu any pairs which were there inour class……..

But she is vey bad..She is one person who can make me cry anytime. Like when she was going to her college and left us.I was in my class XII at that time and that was i think the first incident when i cried after many years when i used to cry when my momscolded me(which used to happen i think may be in 6th-7th).So it was after 6 or 7 yrs that i was crying and i was sobbing an my mummy was shocked tosee me crying though she herself was doing so..i myself was shocked how could i cry but i was…and not justshedding tears i was sobbing loud. i can remember that night i and my mummy were coming to home after leaving her and papa at station. She was going, i think about a week before raksha bandhan and that was a real setback for both of us. I was thinking that we could have spent another rakhi together but it wasnt acceptable to somebody up there…Couldnt her college have opened a week later.

After that this, today was my 4th rakhi when she isnt with me and i am missing her and after 3 yrs a girl has tied a rakhi onmy wrist. It is such a good feeling to have a rakhi tied on your wrist.

Even today as i am sitting writing this blog..tears are flowing down my eyes coz i am missing didi…..Bad didi always makesme cry,so bad of her.There is a vague chance that she can come to hyderabd next year coz she is placed in satyam and out of the four cities where she can be posted hyd is one of them,,,,,,I JUST HOPE……………….

May be next year she would be tyinig a rakhi on my hand finally……………..

I miss you didi …………………….the more i write in the blog the more i will remember her and the more salt i will lose out of my body in the form of tears……………..


13 thoughts on “Missing didi…..on rakhi

  1. hey! cheer up..
    I cant say much on why .. but u know u’ve got to live with this.
    u’ve got to live with those beautiful moments.
    cant imagine u crying today…( in fact ever ) so dont..:)

  2. yaar u r just out of this world.
    Seriously u pour ur heart out n i would say this one is the best among all ur posts.Same here i m missing my bhai too.
    Hopefully next year i ll be with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. an aussum post himank………it easily qualifies 2 be amongst your top posts………..u truly wrote the feelings vich a bro has 4 his sis,especially ven shez not around ……….all in all a great work!!!!

  4. first thing himank, there are times when even crying seems beautiful.. u find a solace and satisfaction in it.. This is one of them.
    secondly, ya v all miss our sisters, but life goes on, isin’t it.
    third thing, even i never liked it ven thr were less than 15 rakhis on my wrist!
    last, this has to be ur best best post by miles.. u were awesome.. its as if someone has read my mind nd heart nd put it here

  5. nice man ….. atleast through ur posts i’ll know the state of a bro on such occasions ….. I myself having never faced such a situation , it wud have been difficult for me to imagine . But ur post does it all …… it was really nice …

  6. hey himank………u made me cry also even though i don’t have a sis………..it seems vierd that u cried…….but man cryin 4 ur loved ones shows how much u care 4 them

  7. hey himank………u made me cry also even though i don’t have a sis………..it seems vierd that u were crying…….but man cryin 4 ur loved ones shows how much u care 4 them

  8. Yaar himank…..u r awesome yaar……….tune to aaj bade dino baad aakhon mein aansu la diye……..seriously my mind is blocked after readin this……..and only thinkin abt my sis only my sis………yaar really this is ur best and marvelous post….

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