Freshers n Carnival….

Almost each n every guy in IIIT complains that we have very few cultural evnts in the calendar…so for those people hungry for events like this. This weekend was one of the greatest you can hope in the routine life of an average IIIT guy/gal. You couldnot be asking for more,atleast the people of UG2 n UG3 who were the organisers of Freshers n Carnival respectively, atleast i can vouch for me and my friends….We are extreely tired after the preparation for organising Freshers and house events and also the throat of almost every UG2 guy is hoarse after hooting for 3 days on a trot…

Well now coming to the events,first i will like to write abt Freshers Night and the preceeding events. I feel the event was very well organised three cheers to tthe core team of the event…Karan,Chand,Sambhav…They were very good in organising the event and i cant think of any flaws in the whole event except the mike system in the second round which was as always hopeless(Can’t IIIT afford a decent enough mike system???)…Except a few glitches like this,it was a good event and i thoroughly enjoyed both the days of the event. Coming to the house events, prithvi didnt go into slump as we had feared that it might do after the almost negligible preparation….Prithvi came second (I seriously dont know how???) coz the people were extrmely bored with our play which is almost always the USP of the event..and were lifting the chairs and i when announcing on the stage was fearing that tomatos,onions n slippers can be hurled at us anytime…but thank God nothing like this happened. The performance by Aakash house was just awesome(cheers to my batchmates who helped in the preparation)they just won hands down there was no competition for them,the real competition was for the fourth spot and Agni again occupied that spot….Coming back to Mr n Ms Freshers Vidit Jain became the Mr Fresher and Charvi Dhootbecame the Ms. Fresher. The DJ(actually guys of our batch playing the songs) was good and enjoyed dancing after much time….

Now coming to the Carnival, first of all congrats to the UG3 for organising it successfully with such short span of time for the preparation. I wouldnt like to go into the reasons of organising the event, but would say that i had a really great time in the events which i could attend…couldnt force myself to attend the events in the noon or evening coz my whole body wa paining after the freshers and had to catch up on some sleep too. I finally woke up at 7:15pm (after being awaked in the noon by friends for lunch) when a friend called me and asked to register for antakshari. We finally went to participate in antakshari but couldnt make it to the final round which was great fun watching. The finale for me was THE DANCE Extravaganza (i didnt have neither interest nor patience to watch the Basketball tourney). The dance part was real good after a good performance in the starting by ppl of our batch and another one by girls of UG3,there was fun n frolic all round with the prop round which had more than its share of funny moments . I think the dance by Ankit Garg with the hanger as the prop stood out in the prop round, we too went to the dancing stage(if u could say it so) when pagare n karan were dancing in the prop round and finally the last one was the famous MACARENA dance by almost all the UG3 n UG2 guys present there…..

I would say that UG3 achieved its purpose of providing us with fun n frolic which it had promised …..

PS -: I still have a stiff neck after all the dance and head banging.
PS2-: Ppl still have difficulty recognizing my voice coz my throat is still hoarse(hope the usage is correct)
PS3:- I had intended doing OS assignment myself this time but couldnt do due to all these events
PS4:- This is the first time i am using the concept of “PS” n hope to continue using it.

PS5(added later):- Took the technorati tag thing from Rakesh’s blog so am adding tags to my post

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9 thoughts on “Freshers n Carnival….

  1. Hey nice post n I agree with you the last few days were one the most exciting ones in IIIT … I hope this continues in future also….
    well I jus don’t know why the fuck u don’t write for IIIT buzz…
    newayz keep up the gud work ….. u r awesum I hope you know why …… kyunki baba chand dev ka aashirwad tere saath hai…

  2. hey nice post………really the freshers was awesome & da carnival too though i didn’t attended it due 2 sm prior commitments…….but dude hope this repeats again soon in IIIT
    @chand….thats true why dont u write 4 IIIT BUZZ….

  3. @Karan :Thanx for both the compliments 🙂

    @Chand :I too hope this continues and for the second one you wil have to ask cmdr buzz

    @Vipul : u too have to ask cmdr buzz 🙂

    @ cmdr buzz: Thanx

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