How many times have you thought that life is just not being fair to you….Have you ever tried to think about life ….Try and do that and you will find that it is just a matter of your perspective……

You always see what you want to see..everything seems to be looking happy and gay when you are in jolly mood but the sunshine in your life is stopped by black clouds of all shapes and sizes when you are going through a lean patch and in such phases of your life you need two things first is someone whom you can talk to and who can console you and support you in the times of distress.. and the second thing is your mind if you can just have little control over your can get over all your difficulties but in such situations mind is the first thing to give away…….I think the biggest consolation one can have in such times is having the confidence that someone is there,standing for you and you can fall back on the person if you stumble.

I can remember of an example.. i was in one of my such dont talk to me i am sulking mood and was sitting with a person whom i wouldnt place in the top ladder of my friends but surely would put in the list of good people and was rambling that i am so alone and i have no one in this world to share my thoughts looking towards the sky(it was night time) and then my friend asks me ” What are you thinking???”
i: Nothing just looking up at the star but can think of somethin by looking up at the star… that it is alone nobody is there for the company…
My friend(without even looking up) : Just look around there might be some star for the company, there might not be many of them and neither do you need many people..just one is sufficient…

On hearing this i once again looked up to the sky and found that there really was another star (a feeble one) giving my star the company, it was just my view that didnt let me see the star who always there to give the company but was inconspicuous and i never noticed it. The secret to getting out of situations like this is recognising this inconspicuous person and interacting with him/her. Given that you are not lucky enough and havent recognised the person to share your problem in that case the problem is out of my scope(for that i will have to do more research).

Well i didnt benefit from this realisation because i couldnt see that inconspicuous person even after much effort i couldnt do that and the person whom i thought could help me a bit in the problem talking to that person was not possible…guess sometimes you have to play the game the HARD WAY… so i just stayed that way hoping that someday something will happen but nothing out of the ordinary happened and i just started getting out of it as time passed on….This is why they say “Time is the best healer”

I thought of a quote and am writing down….. Hope my philosopical mindset is gud :)(dunno what this line means)
If you are alone on the wrong path, then you are in the right company…. (Coined it myself!!! 🙂 gg Himank)

PS: – I chatted with the PJ Queen of our school, thinking of writing a post on her histrionics…
PS1:- Mid sems from the next monday and i havent studied anything…
PS2:- Feeling sleepy must have wrote some bakwaas….
PS3:- My First post in philosophical category…..
PS4:- I am spending much time in writing the PSes too…
PS5:- Wrote this post yesterday but am posting today….
PS6:- 3 posts in 3 days with med sems jumping on your head….. can anybody compete with me in being jobless 🙂 ………

PS7:- This is my first post in philosophical…dont blast me if it suckssss….

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15 thoughts on “Lifeizlikethat

  1. hero.. i thot u were talkin to someone…
    anyway,”life iz like that”… i hope u do talk to someone soon.And ur ‘philosophical’ post is really a good one..

  2. I think you are really jobless 😀 ..i pity you … anwayz please right the post on PJ queen .And by the way u have finshed a chapter each in OS , MATH , and SNS . 😦 me just finished a chapeter in math.. though i can handle ITWS .

    Check out the DC++ chat which took place today 😉

  3. ek baat bolo…you have always been a philosophical person by heart, no matter how much you hide this aspect of yours…its just that these perspectives are surfacing now…gr8 piece of work…simply gr8

  4. mast be…..i didnt knew abt ur philosophical mood… u rocked….really the post ids awesome & keep writin such posts besides those bc posts
    one more thing who was that guy who showed u the “feeble” star & do write on the PJ Queen….

  5. Even small things help when u r alone or distressed.And glad to see that this wasnt much personal.
    Keep on blogging!!!!!!!!

  6. I wrote 3 posts in 5 hours 2-3 days back. And guess what… the blogroll atom feed reader sucked and failed to parse my blog feed pushing it at last slot in the blogroll.

  7. Well yes time is the best healer.Tera ye pagalpan bhi jaldi hi theek ho jayega.Overall a good blog heavier on the pakau side though.Consider my idea about the society.

  8. hey mann…1 can hardly biliv dat u can ever be philosophical like dis coz u alwas luk so gay nd cheeful….philosophy and himank…dsnt seem 2 go well…but d blog has definitly changd my perception….
    it seems 2 me dat ur post refers 2 a ray of optimism nd hope in d times of despair nd glum….
    i’d like 2 c more on such posts on such topics by “the most commited blogger of the batch”….

  9. lemme start wid a quote which might not b very relevant here bt i guess is very true:”u dont deserve 2 b happy, u decide 2 b happy”……life is like dat….a hide n seek game b/w happiness n sadness…..thr r times wen d whole world seems 2 b wid u n there r times wen u r all alone feelin lonely n helpless….i guess itz den dat u realize ur real strength….learn 2 see d glass half full…find out d star which can brighten up ur life…luk around carefully u’ll find one n still if u dont b ur own star….

  10. sometimes u really dont see that star who is with u….all depends on ur current phase of mind.And if u get that lucky star,life really becomes so easy,when u know sum1 is there who understands u,his problems r ur problems…well life is like dat.That was good,nice philosophical do keep writing philosophical thoughts too [:)].

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