Youth for Equality…

This is not gonna be a ranting on the ongoing topic of reservation…coz many keystrokes have been utilised for the topic..and i am not gonna write abt this topic anymore..besides i have already written on this topic….
This post is just a sort of an appology on my part..that i didnt do even what i coud have done on my part to give some strength to the movement..but i just failed in doing so and i am sorry to all these who gave their sweat,blood,money and what not to the movement(if i can term it that)…. Given i could have easily gone to the place where the agitation is(it might be was till now..who knows) talking place coz the place is not much far away from our college given the distances in Hyderabad

Today there was a peaceful “Candle Light Vigil to show light to the corrupt politicians”(as they mentioned in the pamplets)…. near the Cyber Pearl Main Gate at 6:30 which (i think ) must still be going on..I just decided that i wouldn’t be going coz i have to study for my mid sems….starting monday and i am supposed to be studying for the mid sems coz i dont have even an idea what all is there is the OS course…it seems to be equivalent to 4 courses prof teaches diff material in class….assignments are on diff topics…. Book teaches entirely diff topics and the research papers provided by the Prof are just way out of the league…..
Well coming back to the topic…right now i am here sitting in my room posting about why i didnt go to the “Vigil” (as they said it). I could have easily gone to the walk and could have done my part…but i didnt do that…Karan even came to my room asking whether i wanted to go or not…but i was sleeping and once i am sleeping there is no chance that i would go for anything like that….

PS1:- I am once again extremely sorry 😦
PS2:- CBIT guys (n gals:) too) came to our college for promoting their coll event and that was the worst promotion…Hope someone writes abt it in iiitbuzz…

PS3:- I am pissed off with the syllabus of OS..
PS4:- I have listened to Khoon Chala from RDB for abt 10-12 times on a trot…jus luv the song…
PS5:- I and my friend were talking abt comics we used to read …Those were the dayssss……….

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4 thoughts on “Youth for Equality…

  1. @Karan : You know my sleep 🙂
    @ Chand : I just hope that there is no next time and some decision against quota is taken soon (which i dont expect to happen )

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