Truck Ride at 4:00 am

This post is a tribute to all the IIITians for whom waking up till atleast 3 is a normal routine and who are frustrated by our canteen where our ENIAC bhaia(hope you get whom i am referring to 🙂 )decides to close his fast processor and the hardware of the canteen at about 1:30 or may be earlier….

The prelude to the story goes like this…One day me and a certain guy were lurking around in the NBH searching for someone who had something to eat..but couldnt find anything and since we were sleepy so,we decided we were badly in need of a cup of tea or coffee but as our faithful coffee shop wale bhaia had left the campus eons ago…so we decided to move out of campus at 2:50 am we hoped that we could find a cup of tea,somewhere as there was construction is going on in a hell lot of places in the area around our college. We asked the guard of any such haunt where we could find tea at such an odd time…and the answer was that we could get tea at the “Gachibowli Chaurasta”(personally i hate the term chaurasta, chauraha is such a good word)… Finally we decided to go the place,had some tea and came back in about 50 mins…and it was such a god way to do BC (which we IIITians are very good at…)

Now the actual story begins….The next day, instead of 2 ppl it was a gang of six and we were having all the fun we could have in the late hours of 3:00 am in the night….Asking the trucks for lift and swearing at them when they didnt stop for us…. We almost had a brawl with a drunk who all of a sudden woke up(he was sleeping on the divider between the two sides of the road) and started looking at us and looked all set for a fight but we had the power of no. as we were six and he was alone….. Then we reached the shop…..had tea there and were returning back when we saw a truck struggling to go uphill on a very gentle slope near Indira Nagar. So we decided to take a ride of the truck and boarded the truck while it was in motion but as the slope ended and level road started,the speed of the truck started increasing and some part of our body started widening(hope you get what i am referring to !!!)thinking of how would we gt down from the runnnig truck, but all of us finally managed to get down near the IIIT bus stop and decided to get to college waking from there but as it reached college we decided to board the truck as the ascending portion of the road would start again so we decided to board the truck again.. This time we decided that we will go ahead with the truck and reach upto the first gate of HCU and then return back walking from there. All of a sudden Raman came up with an idea (remember it was not his need but a wish) so he decided to pee standing on the back of the truck pissing on the road while the truck was moving. So the tussle of the truck with the gravity due to the load it was carrying continued and it kept stopping at each and every thing resembling an uphill portion. I cant imagine the weight it would have been carrying coz the trolly on which the weight was kept had tyres all over its breadth..the trolly had 16 tyres and the main body of the truck had 6 tryes,so 22 tyres in all….As it reached the gate of stadium the horse power of the truck gave away and it just declined to buzz movig at a pace which would make even the ALSI aditya to be ashamed so we decided to sit there until it managed to get past the final hurdle in its way after which the road would have been smooth sailing for the truck but the truck couldnt manage to get past the final hurdle and after waiting for it for about 20-25 mins to get past that incline,we finally decided to put off our expidition as PK was feen cold (damn you PK) but one thing i should also appreciate the determination of those guys…we couldnt even stand it for abt a km. and they had brought the truck from Chennai(it took them 4 days to come from there)…. But they had finally reached their destination (almost) … they had to go to BHEL but what is the distance between IIIT n BHEL as compared to distance between Hyderabad and Chennai….
As i have been asked by all the people who were there with i am mentioning the names….. Names are — Me(ofcourse),Raman(i told you,what he did that night!!!),Pk (uski vajah se humein vapas aana pada),Mathur(ab kya bolun uske bare mein), Vipul(last person to get onto the truck,he ran much as we had gone far away on the truck), Maruti(mera pyara 20% roomie)

PS1:- The paper of OS was good when compared to the input i gave for the paper(thanx to shikha…she taught me)
PS2:- Maroo is asking me to write the CBIT promotion article coz he wants someone from that college to know what their college guys do…
PS3:- Now i know that i cann’t study myself …. I either need somebody to accompany me or teach me….so next time all the phodus beware coz i am gonna be after your life…

PS4:- WordPress screws the indentation….

PS5:- I intend completing 10 posts this month..this is my 9th one

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7 thoughts on “Truck Ride at 4:00 am

  1. Dude.. real well written.. ur english has improved big time in this post.. nice selection of words and neat expressions.. had u strtd blogin in d first sem.. who noes.. u wud have ended wid an ‘A’ 😛
    I jus wanna c raman in dat situation again 😉 .. dat ass is crisly a moron and a laughing stock.. to come up vid an idea of peein while the truck was movin……. only he cud have done it =))
    and yes.,. do write abt d cbit thingy :d

  2. @ Karan: Thanx for the compliment dude..and ya one thing..I scored higher marks in my english end sems than many who got A-. If our teacher would have been a bit nice in class assignments…. Alas

    @Shikha: It is never stresing for me 🙂

    @Prashasti: Ya we do!!! Kisi ko koi shak????

    @Mathur : aapke vicharon ke liye dhanyawad, mera poora prayas rahega ki ye star age bhi kayam rahe….N ya i frgot abthe pics…but unfortunately fr raman culdn’t click him when he was peeing!!!

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  4. sale kamine u r sach a big f****r i hv nevr seen neone as big as u. forget it vaise i dont mind wat u mentioned here abt me …. but seriously u proved ur writing ability by doin this post……..

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