CBIT Fest Campaigning

I am being constantly pestered by Karan for some time to write this post, so finally i am writing this post coz he wants somebody he knows from CBIT to read this article coz that person is a regular reader of my post.

Last thursday we were having our ITWS lab in the teaching lab and our lab was about to finish..when all of a sudden i heard the noise of the honking of horns and the screaming of people since i have had an experience of how the local colleges do the promotion of their events (referring to that done by Vasavi guys few months back)…. So i didnt take me much time realising the fact that it must be some other college trying to promote its college fest in a way which is not agreeable to the civilized human society(have i gone too far???? leave it)..But seriously speaking i didnt like the display by those people after all they are engineering students and going to another reputed college…You should show some basic courtesy and etiquettes this is not some raod side Dhaba where you can come and shout your heart out…and have a good time…This is our college and i think that all the people should show some respect when in a neducational institute..Its ok if you are n hostels and all where the students live or other places meant for recreation but all this was done in front of the main building which is the main centre of teaching in our college and where all the labs are situated……. When i came out to see what was going on could see the dazed look on the face of our dear Dr. Madhav Krishna (“Those who understood raise you hands and those who couldnt please raise your hands 🙂 “). When they were stopped by the guards near the entry of the main building…they started playing “Summer of 69″ in full volume…that was utter disdain on their part and i feel people like this should be kicked. It seemed to me that those guys(and gals too) in cars were there just trying to show off… It was just a horrendous act in their part….

Even if you leave this part..they did nothing to promote their college fest…all i could get from this whole episode was that their college was organising a fest and the poster of the fest were of orange colour..nothing more than that..I got to know the name of the college later in that day when i was going out of the college campus for some work and saw a poster of that colour lying on the road and decided to check the name of the college from where those unruly guys came..and then saw the name CBIT.

In this respect i would like to praise the people from my college(including me coz i also went for promotion of Felicity) that where ever we went, we behaved as you are supposed to do in civilized society and more importantly an educational institute……

PS1:- I hope Maroo is happy now!!!
PS2:- I am pretty bored after writing this post..God how can you write one thing more…
PS3:- Blogs are pretty good way to bring out your emotions,…when i started writing this post i didnt feel anything but started feeling an anger against those people as i started writing this..specially the 2nd para…
PS4:- Maths exam today was pretty easy but i screwed up last question…damn me!!!
PS5:- I completed my aim of posting 10 posts in this month..Now whatever i post will be bonus for you ppl(Now dont kick me….. :P)
PS6:- I hope the ATM starts functioning…coz i dont have any money… 😦
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2 thoughts on “CBIT Fest Campaigning

  1. one things proved… IIIT rulez.. nd thrs no coll in hyd ( enginneering) which comes newhere nearby!
    d odr thin,.. how abt revenge during felicity 😛 😉

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