Jus A POst!!!!

Wanted to write abt sum of my gud frnds here in IIIT…So the tale goes on like this

Abilash”FSLD”  I —- Well the epitome of coolness, aloof from the world lives in the don’t care situation will do whatever he feel like let the world go to hell. A coder to the extreme, a guy filled with dedication can do anything if its related to studies(if he is interested in it).He’s a sui generis i never expect to find anybody like him again..

Abhijeet “Behra” Pagare— as we know him… Well the cute guy,who is one of the most dynamic guy of our batch ,favourite of most seniors and a guy so emotional that he can cry at the drop of a hat….A yaaron ka yaar..Used to be one of the guys accompanying me in the no studying during exams “funda” par is bar kamine ne dhokha de diya..

Aditya “Alsi/Sophisticated ” Aggarwal — Well sophishtication n laziness are his middle names…First thing you will notice about him is his sophisticaion… N if u live with him then you will realise that he is “Alsi” to the hilt. A guy who takes almost 45 mins to bath everyday and is always te last person to get ready whenever we are going out.. I think the person would be one of the most knowedgable person (in our batch atleast )when it comes to English Music and specially Rock

Chirag “NahaR” — He is the guy whom many ppl (ateast in our grp) fear coz sabki bahut leta hai..But nobody is able to tease him.. A guy who can be sincere in studies when demanded and can enjoy life if situation needs.. But he always remembers his “DOST”…

Karan “RAju Time Table” Maroo— Time management is related to him as sleeping and time wasting is attached to me… One of the most respected guys of our batch.. One hell of a great organiser has managed many(well almost all) events organised by our batch…A friend in need…

Manish “Fata” Arora —Padhai padhai padhai Fata fata fata this is what his life is..His CG speaks volumes of his studies…And i think nobosy in this batch can accept his PJ cracking ability…. Extremely dedicated in whatever he does

MarUti BoRker —- A hassles free roomie. You would have no problems with him except his fattes. A bond in every sense when it comes to ITWS and the general computer knowledge(our whole batch can vouch for it).. Extremely pissed off after getting me as a roomies but finally has to acquiesce to the fact…

PiyuSh “H for” NIgam —- Extremely emotional specially when it comes to girls.. God guy at heart but strikes a wrong cord with many people due to reasons best known to him… I dont know why but i get a feeling of an “Elder bro ” when sitting with him..may be due to his size..

PK “Bewda” Singh —- It might have been a while since he would have heard his real name..Even the juniors call him “PK” Sir… Only guy who can gimme a fight when it comes to sleeping, careless sans limits..A guy extremely good at heart but always has problems managing his relations… Just Undecided… Always thinks big and good but never even starts doing anything to the end of fulfilling his chivalric plans..

RaMan “Senti ” Jain — Apna Raman darling..seriously a darling… Very senti..Extremely frustrated and confused specially when it comes to girls… Has difficulties communicating his feelings..due to which bahut udti hai uski….

ShriKant “Kantaben” NIgam — Second of Nigam brothers…A very simple and endearing individual..a kind of guy with whom not many people can have problems…Nevr interferes with anybody “Mastram masti mein “…. Has got one of the good bods in our batch..

SubHashis “Chunky/ Chu*i*a” ChAnd — I guess it would be difficut for him too if somebody calls him by his first name…. An extremely popular guy wins hands down if it comes to popularity..knows exactly how to manage his realtionships and where and when to give his time..Well just an ideal person when it comes to managing people a guy who has mcuh control over his feelings and knows how to come out good after suffering in a relations….Would like to learn from him

VibhaV “Bon” VinEet — Humara pyara sa chhota sa “BOn”(not bond)… A guy out of this world just doesnt in the category of normal people he will sleep at 1 den wake up at 6 to study den again sleep at 8… No order in his life….Clock has no meaning for him…Just does what he wishes and when he wishes

ViPul “PK” MiTtal — Dont ask me what PK is…. A “Heera ” at heart …One guy to whom you can trust anything you want without any fear… My perfect partner since the time we used to come back to room together in first sem after the English class…One of themost responsible person in the whole batch..I dont think he has any contender when it comes to keeping his room clean..
Whatever i might have written about them but these guys are my life line in IIIT
PS1:- Again the boring classes have started..
PS2:- ITWS project partner issue is a big pain in the ass…
PS3:- What the hell has happened to IIITBuzz n Cmdr Buzz i have become habituated to reading posts in IIITBuzz………
PS4:- I hope to watch Munnabhai lage raho pretty soon………Missed out on KANK…

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18 thoughts on “Jus A POst!!!!

  1. Himank u hv written abt all guys..but u didnt write abt urself…so i am writtin abt u as well…
    Himank ” pyara bhalu ” sharma ::
    if piyush is “H for ” then himank is “B for bhalu” nice combition na..A man just like as a huge box where u can store ur feelings or share ur feelings by sharing process. he is always ready for these types of processes…he is such a jolly person with whom u can always be happy..

  2. By far ur best post … u have described all of us well espescially Adi….. u really made me emotional yaar ….
    deserve a treat but u know u can’t get much from the kanjoos chand….
    Hey Raman has given a nice idea to write about U….
    jus in one line u r my “alter ego” ….
    jus two differences u r not an egotist as I am ….
    and I find time to study and u hardly study…..

    ASSHOLE u wrote my name wrong ITS “SUBHASHIS” not “SUBHASHISH” remove the fuckin “H”

    adios….. chand….

  3. haan bhai ,
    ek hi jungle [IIIT] me jo hathi aur bhalu rahenge wo “bhai” to honge hi ………
    waise a nice post …. mast likha hai …… feeling aa gayi yaar padhte hue …….
    three cheers to our group
    Hip Hip Hurrrayy!
    Hip Hip Hurrrayy!
    Hip Hip Hurrrayy!

  4. hey mann…so another meticulously riten piece of text….i bliv u ve been by and large successful in describing each guy in a compact and pertinent fashion….ur adjectives ve been bang on target….tho my bathing time has bin a bit exagerated ;)….tw ven did shrikant bcame kantaben??? keep on doin well (need not b stated) ….

  5. hey “bhalu” another nice post….but i think its the most touchin & beautifully written post………
    u hav described everybdy so beautifully in a precise way that i just wan 2 say u rocked BHALU
    & smthin abt u……well “bhalu” is an extremely “philosophical”(sm ppl might be shoched 2 hear dis) person wid whom u can share all ur probs….just take him on a stroll around da campus….

  6. a nice overview of your perception towards your friends…its good that you are clear about your relationships…….just a suggesgtion : let your friends [close ones] know more about you…..and let that friend be a boy this time…….keep blogging.

  7. Dude .. i think u have described evryone .. but u av written very less abt me .. 😉 .. .anywayz … i alwayz wanted to write a post on u .. so get ready for my next post 😉

  8. Nice post.. thanx so much 4 d kind words 🙂
    Btw, heres somethin 4 U:
    An amazing guy.. got an awesome sense of humour and a pure heart. One of my real good friends and next to none when it comes to blogging!

  9. First thing i have to say is your post deserves praise .
    {My first praise to any post in any blog}

    Awesome dood awesomee.

    The metophors used by you are really wonderfull.

    Hope to read more from your blog .

  10. well not to say a good post(as already mentioned by so many ppl)….u deserve an applause for it really dud !!! ….well i must speak out my feelings for u …….u hav always been thr whenever i hav needed smone in IIIT ….u know wat i mean (at least i hope so)….. n i hope u to b the same guy …The Ever Smiling …….

    N.B. Pls kantaben is too awkward n boorish pls not this ……

  11. Its a treat yaar to read ur blog any time…i dunno y i dont do it more often(dont bash my head for it 🙂 )
    I think i need to take a leaf out of my roomie’s book….

    apna bhalu knows us so well !!!
    especially the part about adi was so precise wid no exageration (hehehe … sorry adi,had to comment)
    Cheers to THE blogger of our batch… just keep cumin up wid posts like this (i am sure u will 🙂 )

  12. I had tht of writing on this topic … bt u have juxtaposed each of us in such a way that i think i could not have written better than this . chalo aise “bhalu” tumne apne
    baare mein kuchh nahi likha …. sabhi ke baare mein tumne humorously describe kiya hai .. 🙂 .. we must accollade ur effort … aise main pehli baar kissi ke blog pe
    post kar raha hoon … so first three cheers for our grp. … abe tune sabhi ke naam ke beech mein capital letters kyon use kiye hain ?
    Main to ek baar is topic pe jaroor likhoonga … par hope ki us samay main sabhi friends ke sath sath uske “gf” ke baare mein bhi likh sakoo … 🙂 …

  13. hey bhalu …. indeed a gud work !!! ur dis post givs a vivid description of all d membrs of our grp ….. d adjectives r appropriately chosen & d middle name in codes really says it all ……
    Cheers to our frendship !!!!

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