Mano ya na Mano!!!

How many times have you had the chiling feeling down your spine while walking alone on a dark night that somebody is
following you surreptitiously, making you wanting to look back to see who that person(???) is but you cant turn back for some fear which is unknown to you….. Ya you got it right i am gonna write about the supernatural stuff the topic about which much ink has been wasted but even now the occurences of this type are arcane..

There are numerous instances of this type, each and everyone must have heard numerous stories of “bhoot-prets” from their nani aur dadi or even their friends …and i am damn sure that there must be some guys who would have experienced something like this.. I am not referring to any experience of ghosts in reality coz i think very few (un)lucky people must have had such type of an experience.. but something unusual, something which made you think that there is some thing… some power which is good/bad but which is beyond our control and beyond the cogitation of mere mortals like us.

All these thoughts came to my mind after the incident which happened with me a few hours back.. Four of us were sitting on the road leading towards Microsoft two of us were sitting on the side walk which is there i and another guy were sitting on the road facing those guys.. We were discussing about the super natural and related stuff, just then one of our friends started telling us about “Chilkur Balaji” that your wish comes true if you circle around that temple 108 times..and it is for sure.. Hearing this we became sceptical and started making fun of him on believing something like this…if this was true then each and everybody in this whole wide world would go there and fulfill his dreams… Just as we were making fun of him… A seven seater came dangerously close to us..specially for the two of us who were sitting on the road… The feeling which i had when it was coming near us was that i am gonna die or i am gonna be seriously injured… Ppl can say that we could have easily avoided that but the turn by the vehicle to our side was a very sharp one and jus metres away from us it turned back again… The guys were laughing at us as it was a sort of joke for them…but for us… it was a serious matter…. atleast for me

And more serious coz somehow the thing which struck our minds was that we were making fun of some particular belief in the powers of the ALMIGHTY and the thoughts which came to our mind was that the GOD had sent us a signal by making his presence felt among us…. This incident has just told me that i can never ever disregard GOD again in my life..The presence is too strong to be turned a blind eye to… Its not that i didn’t believe in such things earlier but for sure have started believing more in the something/someone eternal after that.. Main thing is that GOD can make his presence felt anytime he likes just by simple things like this….

PS1:- OS assignment got postponed today 🙂
PS2:- Will be going to the CBIT fest tom to attend the concert of JAL,Karunya n DJ Suketu
PS3:- Started writing this post yest..finished today 😉
PS4:- ITWS project is gonna be a pretty tough work..atleast it seems so as of now….
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5 thoughts on “Mano ya na Mano!!!

  1. saale, y didnt u take me ven u ppl were goin. I think, again i missed some interestin chat vid u abt this. btw nice post …………………………….

  2. abe sabse jyada to meri phati thi… i was sittin in between da road….but yaar tune woh doosre topic pe nahin likha jo humnein discuss kiya tha…..that was much more interestin than this one…
    btw a nicely written post…aur ek baat teri english to phodu ho gayi hai yaar

  3. well.. d supernatural’s somethin which has lways fascinated me a lot 🙂 its quite amazin isint it, to find ppl tellin all ths stories abt thins disappearin nd ppl dyin n stufff.. well somehow, i aint ever come 2 believ in it.. but thr s still a fear in our hearts when v go out in d dark, at a dreary place.. so thr has 2 b somethin! whetehr d fear is bcos of d fact dat v av got used 2 ths thins.. i dunno
    But yes.. I m a firm atheist nd believer in d fact that God resides in ur heart and watches each nd every action of urs.. ur thots r nothin but either d God thinkin or d evil inside u thnkin.. depends on whetehr d good in u is subdued!

  4. well a rock track 4 the cause from baba rock dev (a title given to my by baba chand dev) 🙂 “fear of the dark” by iron maiden…
    well i ges there’s some amount of phobia over within each of us….darkness is somthn which can make the strongest ppl scream….i also bliv that evirthn is not the way that v c….supernatural isnt all dat unnatural…..tho i m yet 2 encounter an incidens….neways nice topic..

  5. Myself i believe in the power of thinking, for example if u thing of something to happen in any part of the world, it is possible to work in the way u want it to.
    It’s all about believing in things(a note- u believe in something either 0% or 100%, there is nothing is between).
    In your case (Himank Sharma), as u said u were 4 friends, right, lets say if one of then believed in that thing , the ab normal thing are likely to happen because of opposite thinking in a certain group. the power which is pressed often comes out in that way.

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