An Epitome of simplicity…in IIIT

Each and every person who lives in the IIIT campus must be aware of what happened a few days back…An article was published in regarding a project being done in IRL(IIIT Robotics Lab) praising the project and specially Prof.Madhav Krishna under whom the project is being done..

Obviously it is a matter of pride for the college as well as the prof whose name has been mentioned in such a big site like that and it is expected of every normal human being to acknowledge the fact and be happy that my work is being recognised…But not him… The day, the particular article was pubished or should better say appeared on the site…… one of my classmate went to him to congratulate the prof on his achievement and the expression on his face was of sheer amazement…

The very same day a mail came from the prof that ppl should stop publicizing about the article

Dear All

Please DO NOT give any publicity to the news that has appeared without my
consent. Sometime in May a reporter innocently approached me saying he is
collecting articles about robotics in various educational institutions.
When he asked me if he could publish then, i firmly refused. All of a
sudden it has appeared today without my consent. Please do not give any
publicity to that or put it on the news board.

The project has a lot of ground to be covered and certainly we are not
looking for any publicity now or in future. Thanks for your cooperation.

Meanwhile i have called the website and they have got it removed.

Should say i am very much impressed by the simplicity of the guy. In our first year only..when he used to teach us somehow the image of him which came to my mind was that of a simple and sober guy and he has truly proved his image…

PS1:- Slept too too much today….
PS2:- My shortest post till date…
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7 thoughts on “An Epitome of simplicity…in IIIT

  1. abe a**h***, before writing the post, did u even care to check the meaning of simpleton? karan,aditya,pagare…what the hell happened to u A1 guys this time ’round?

  2. @Aniket : Thank u vry vry much for pointing out this blunder to me…i just didnt care to check out the meaning and relied on the root word..Anyway thnx very much

  3. The guy in talk is simplicity personified.It was news to me – the fact his name was mentioned on a website which by all standards is an achievment.He is a thorough gentleman.Good to see that you wrote about him.Keep up the work!!

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