My six faithful servants…

I had read a poem in my first sem english course about the six faithful servants every person has in his life and it is the way each person uses those servants which decide the fate of his life..or something like that 🙂

I also decided to use these six servants of mine..So ..i am gonna ask 6 questions aloud on my blog…. Hope for some sensible answers from all you sensible guys reading this post..:)

HOW—> how do i decipher my dreams i have these very strange dreams many times and i am left baffled after having these types of dreams in some of them i am kissing a senior gal, other i am crying along with one of my friend and then there is one horrifying dream which i had 12 yrs back but still remember it though there are many which i can’t remember when i wake up the next morning….. And as much hard i can try i never seems to be having erotic dreams….vry vry baaad..

What–> what do i do to a friend who has been one of my best buddies but many times is always on an ignoring spree and i am so attached to the person that every message or a call which comes to my mobile in such a period …deep down in my heart i am always thinking the message or the call to be of that person but once the person is out of that period we are jus again the best of buddies and i cant remain angry with the person for more than 10 mins….i serously want an answer to the question how do i go on with my relation..should i start persisiting with my anger somehow ..or be the self that i am….

When–> When will i marry 🙂 You will say that i am bugged by the word(or should say the concept)..and ya for sure i am …:)

Where–> Where am i gonna land three years from now… Even if this servant doesnt do his work then also i can pardon him.. “Where ” is a lucky guy….dont u think so??

Who–> Who is GOD… know this is a very common and stupid question but since this is my blog so i can write anything here,..i would like to meet HIM for sure ..the greatest manager beautifully he manages the lives of more than 6 billion humans and should say trillions of living things that everything runs in harmony….

Another WHO–> Who is Cmdr Buzz…

Why–> why was school life so simple and pure without any tensions whereas college life is just the extremes..more fun ,more masti,more tensions…. Have we finally grown up..i thought we were supposed to grow up after graduating from college when we face the real life… and the real people and then all the tensions creep in but for almost everybody i know in my college or my school friends this has started happening in college itself..not fair 😦

PS1:- My OS assignment got fkd up….but who cares 🙂

PS2:- NOt sure wheteher i will be continuing with this PS concept next time onwards….. heeding to pagare’s suggestion 🙂

PS3:- Have used too many smileys in this post 🙂 😦 😉 😀
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11 thoughts on “My six faithful servants…

  1. Well.. here r mah answers 4 ya:
    1) U lucky bastard!! 😀
    2) dude.. wat ya need is a straight-forward n mayb hard-hittin tok vid d person concerned.. it obvisly cannnot go on 4 ever… d prob has 2 b vid one side or d odr.. tell d odr side concerned dat so-so is d problem.. u av 2 tak d courage 2 raise dis issue. nd if d odr side isint willin 2 listen 2 ya.. then prbly u av 2 have andr look @ d relaionship.. whtr d frenship is worth it?
    3)fuck u.. 😛
    4)vrever u r.. hope dat v fren remain 2gether.. nd our bonds remain s strong as ever!
    5) God is everywhere! m a firm believer in dis concept.. He watches u ven u r singin, bathing , sleepin, copying ( yeah.. i mean it ) or bloggin! He is an embodiment of compassion nd love! He has given us all so much.. but fter dat it all depends on us! D biggest thin is dat God is in our heart ..
    “Man se jo Ravana nikale
    Ram uske man mein hai”
    Its all our perception.. if v really need him, He vil b thr 2 help us outta ne situation . I av xperienced it personally..
    6)Its simple da.. Its d situation vr u r neither here nor thr.. uve jus come outta adolsence, nd r soon gonna b adults! Two points 2 it.. one, u can b confused, abt whetehr u shud b kiddish or responsible, abt bein cheeky or thinkin abt ur life. second, its a stage ven u can av d best of both worlds. u r goin thru a lotta changes between 18-21. u strt thnkin abt thins u av never thot bfore.. ur mind is in the act of maturin up! u r confused abt life.. abt relationships.. abt so many odr thins! Often, ppl seperate out frm der parents (emotionally nd mentally) at this age.. its an age vr sometimes, neitr parents can undstand us.. nor v can undstand dem.. However, u make frenz 4 life @ dis age.. Hence d xtereme emotions!

    Neways.. good dat uve raised ths issues.. hope u thin abt ur priorities and tok 2 urself ( I mean it! ).. u vil get most of d answers urself ( xcept d cmdrbuzz thingy 😛 )
    Cheers! and all the very best in ur life.. May God bless!

  2. well i m certainly not gonna rite a full post in itself as karan did….finfing .d ansr 2 the last ques shudnt be much of a trubl….i found the when and how portions rathr irrelevant….nd abt the where thing evn i keep on thinking abt it so ofen but avent found a ans….so v can discus it 2gedr…:)…coming 2 relationships its a hell of a complicated issue….somthn which i find vry confusing….i don thnk m competent enuf 2 sugest an ans reg relationships…nd the last one…GOD…percieving him as somthn and not the othr isnt a gud idea i wud say….i can jus say that v all mus b thankful 2 him 4 evrithng….

  3. Hmm .. thanx to ur post all the memories of my english class are back.Those dayz were really rockin .I have njoied only three courses in IIIT ( english , Itws and c-programmin ).

    My anwsers :-
    1.About de dreams its a big mystery ,may be you need to ask Pagu baba .he is the only one who can help you 😉

    2.I am not the right to talk abt relationships ( you no y 😦 )

    3.Ek din aayega , aur tu gayega aaaaaa ( Jal song ) 😛

    4.I think you will get a job in WordPress. lolz 😀

    5.This mystery has always mystified human – beings. cant anser dis one too 😉

    5.1 Even i wud like to noe abt cmdrbuzz

    6.Munna kabhi na kabhi tho bada hona are away from your home .Now u live in a social society , where you have to take decisons on your own. these situtaions force you to grow up .I think i dint express wat i wanted to say here

    anywayz nice post … one of the biggest comment ever given to a blog

    I wud like to end by sayin .. JAI HO PAGGU BABA Ki 😉

  4. man u r really getting big comments…..
    Maroo’s comment should be counted as 10 …. mothafucka doesn’t have neother work…
    hey these 6 servants keep pestering me also..
    well see I can help u wid the “who” part …
    u can ask our very own baba pagare nath he can help u finding the answer to your questions….
    hey newayz nice post….

  5. Gud post and I am surprised(shocked wud be a more convenient word)looking at ur obsession(if i am allowed to use this word)with marriage.Its kinda strange [:)].Agree completely wid you on the why aspect.School days were the best part of ma life too.This whole PS thng is actually kewl but disrespecting babaji’s sermons would land you in trouble.As far as the friend issue goes cmon dude you are perhaps one of the esteemed “counsellors” of the batch,now if you cant solve it then nobody can.Interesting topic and great write ups.Keep blogging!

  6. @ Charles : I think i can procure the exact text for you..nut just dont remember it right now..just keep watching this space may be in a day or two i can do that….Btw what type of presentation is it for which u need that poem….

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