Baba Pagare Captured in Frames…..

Baba ki nikli sawari baba ki leela hi nyari…..

Duniya ke halaat se chintit Baba…..



Baba apne asan pe virajman……



Baba dhyan lagate hue…



Baba is a kewl dude…



Muscular baba…

Last of all i would like to take some credit to help you people know the BABA…
No PSes this time coz baba asked me not to write PS in my blog..and how can i dare disobey Baba…


20 thoughts on “Baba Pagare Captured in Frames…..

    da best post ever…..a tribute 2 baba “Pagare” & an eye soother 4 all his bhakts……
    baba sabki manokamna poori kare

  2. baba ko shashtang pranam [:p]
    I missed BABA ki sawari this mornong but
    now i m blessed to c him in pics…
    BABA ek BABA ke roop anek !!!
    BABA we r grateful to have u aming us …
    may BABA bless us 🙂

  3. Hey …. hey … it seems our own baba pagare nath..who strted of as a simple joke amongst friends has got famous in the whole batch …. and now with adi and himank onto it…he will
    soon be famous in the whole batch !!

    Aur kyun na ho??
    I wait for the day when our BABA will be world famous….And ppl will come from abroad o listen to him..maybe he will even join our favourite bagadia Sir and give him a leaf out of his buk for JV!!!

    And what not…
    Go on Pagare BABA..

  4. after looking at the various holy forms of baba i’m more a believer of Pagaraism….my faith has increased manyfolds….thanx 4 dis Himank….may baba seek his blessings upon u…..

  5. har taraf baba ka Jalwa !!!!
    d popularity of baba is spreading like fire in d forest …. started dis morning in d class ab to baba ke charche pure IIIT mein ho gaye hai …. i m so fortunate ki mein baba ki chatro chaya mein rehta hu !!!
    juz 2 end vid a fu line 4 BABA —->
    Jor se bolo … jai BABA ki ….
    Pyar se bolo …. jai BABA ki …..
    Saare bolo ….. jai BABA ki ……..

  6. thanx himank now i have baba’s images , now i can worship him direct from my desktop .

    Warning to all non-belivers of pagu baba :-

    Baba is really powerful ( see the muscular pic 😉 ) and his powers will make your life worse .And yeah you can expect an “F” in OS .

    My eyes are now open , before i dint belive in baba. And i got pushied for that . I was in the mess today and when i tried to take a roti a whole table-spoon of hot paneer curry fell on my shirt 😦 . After that i have started beliving in Baba

    Jai Ho Pagare baba ki .

    PS: I have Baba’s English textbook if anyone of you need it.Please give 100 buks as biksha to baba and collect the book from me 😉

  7. okay so finally the “baba” sayzzzz……words coming straight from the heart of the “bhopali” baba:: firstly in order 2 worship the baba u gotta b fully convinced dat “os” is a fukin pathetic subject and dat i scoring marks in it was purely co-incidental…..or may be d x-babas “baba chand dev” and “baba kapil” inspired me……or mayb d animals of the cellar “hathi” , “bhalu” , “kutta” intimated me , forcin me 2 stay in my room………and not to mention my fruity roomy chikku with his open eyes at night scaring the hell out of me…….or the fatta bond and the fatta bon of first floor compelled me to do it.
    And i’d like to thank the ever so lazy mr.aditya [lover boy of a cbitian]who wrote the first blog on “baba”…..atleast the baba forced him to get over his laziness and finally induldge in some activity……..also babaz blessings envoked a lazy ass to start a blog…….gosh…baba is aussum.

    So if you completely believe in babaz ideology and hav the guts to be what it requires to b a baba – bhakt:::go ahead.

    For all the dedicated “bhakt-jans” , herez how baba lives his life

    baba sayz : drink beer
    baba listens : we dont need no education ,fuck the system.
    baba dances on: ari-ari , yeah.
    baba sings : nisultana
    baba headbangs on : chopsuey , last resort.
    baba sports : a random spyks
    baba wants : khamba , addha kuch bhi chalega.
    baba playz : cricket , pool.
    baba hangs-over 8 : 238-obh.
    baba loves : alizee
    baba got : a D in itwsI.
    baba dies : ** **** ***.
    baba hates : fukin os.
    baba worships : baba kapil.

    in words of “shi***”….JAY BOLO BABA KI……

    On a serious note : thanx to the guy i spoke yesterday.

  8. Shuruat baba ke smaran se
    “Spiky BABA paggunath ki jay ho..”
    Baba ki hyati chahun dishaon mein faile aur duniya ko ujale se andhere ki or le jaye.Baba ke sabse priye sevak “Bhalu laal ji” ne yeh bahut hi punya ka kaam kiya hai ki baba ki pics ke through puri duniya ko unke darshan karva raha hai.
    “Saare bolo baba paggunath ki jay ho”

  9. Anek roop , tyagi , tapasvi , sarv vyaapi , kasht vinaashak , avinaashi, doordarshi ,chamatkaari , mangalik , sarav gun sampann ,dukh harta sukh karta , gyaan bhandaar ( os 32/45 😉 ) “Baba Paggunath” ke.

  10. hey himank u ve indeed done a gr8 help 4 d cause of the devotees of baba… now they wont av 2 seek baba personally 4 worshipping….these pics will suffice…. my post combined with this have taken the baba out to the world…..

  11. baba Pagare Nath ki jai …
    Baba aap humare dukh harta sukh karta ho baba…..
    aap ke hi sharan main aaker maine Chop Suey bhajan ka jaap kiya hai.. aap aapna aashirwaad hum par humesha banaye rakhna baba…..

  12. till tode i only knew 2 babaa’s 1 is ramdev baba(AASTHA) and the othr harish baba(IIIT)……

    aaj do aur baabaon kaa pata chalaa….

    baaba pagare nath ji ke baare mein bas suna tha… aaj dekha ki baaba kitne mahaan aur kitne subhchintak hai….

    Oh! Duniya ke rakhwale(BABA)….is duniya ko bachaale…

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