Dedicated to all the women in my life....
PS (Pre-Script ) : In the post girl word has been used for feamales… 🙂

Well certainly the most talked about topic among a group of males…who may belong to any strata of society or may fall in any age group…. I too am one of those ppl so thought of writing this post, the thoughts i am expressing in this post are the ones which i have never expressed to anyone else as far as i can remember….(Lucky U 😀 )

The first thing which i can associate with girls is softness,be it softness of heart(most important) or be it softness of skin almost all girls give that impresson and why not coz thhis is what girls are supposed to be.. but leaving aside the second one .. i wud want to concentrate on the first ascpect…softness of heart..

The most loving relation every person has in his life are girls be it a mother, a sister or spouse everybody would agrre with me that the warmth which u feel when being hugged by mom is much greater than that of dad….Dads have their way of showing their love but it is Mother who wins when it comes to preferring one parent.I can still remember the days of my childhood when i was in 3rd or 4th standars and my oarents used to ask me something like “Tu hum donon mein se kiska hai???” Just for fun(Maze maze ke liye bechare bachhe ko dharm sanka mein dalte the…;) ) In front of both of them i never preferred anyone of them and always said “Aap donon ka!!!”(Diplomatic me 🙂 ) but as soon as my dad would go i would tell my mom in her ears “aapka hun”(bechare bachhe se ugalwa hi liya 😦 )…. From that time to this time i hav always been fascinate dby the basic nature of the womankind…

The other relation, that of SISTER…well one of my most prized relation in the world.She has been my constant support throughout my life from giving me hints during my exams to supplying me with her pen,pencils and other stuff whichi used to lose with a very high frequency and suffering as a result of it.. Saving my skin from my aprents by covering all the mischiefs i used to do… She was my saving grace,my philosophical advisor(though i never sought it 🙂 ) during all the years we spent with each other. I have seen guys who had brothers and can for sure say that having a sis is thousand times better than having a bro…and specially if she is elder then its icing on the cake…..

My tryst with good natured girls didnt end here….Well i am lucky enough to have nice girls studying with me and most of my good friends have always been girls…I dunno why but i find sharing with girls very easy as compared to boys..may be because of having them as good friends all my life but the other eason may be coz its just so good to be stting with a girl..she listenig nto u with full concentration,concerned look in her eyes ,u have to accept this girls are emotional fools get emotional so fast(but thats what i like abt them…) and when u compare this with a guy…he may also be a very good friend of you..might be very good natured but somehow that feeling of compassion doesnt come with a guy..there is some degree of roughness with every guy. So,if i find sharing with girls an easier task then am i to be blamed??? Given all these facts i think myself pretty unlucky not to be on so god terms with any gal of my batch and am jealous of guys who have excellent rapport with girls.I am on good talking terms with many but not on such good terms with any as i would have liked…..

If you takemy view..every guy is incomplete without women in his life..In this reference a line from the song “Ladki Kyun” from the movie “Hum Tum”descibes what i feel

Uske bina ek pal reh na sakoge tum…
Usko pata hai ye keh na sakoge tum…
Isliye ladkiyan ladkon si nahin hoteen..

I hate guys who think about each girl with a certain degree of cheapness(well obviously if a girl is a real hot babe then even i cant control my thoughts) but even thenthe first thing i would notice n a girl would be her face for sure..unlike some who first notice the bosom region of a woman or some whose first glance would strike the butt of the girl in question…I dont deny the fact that i also look out for these parts but not in all girls..there is atleast certain level of decency in me when it comes to girls atleast with whom i am acquainted…

In the last i would just like to say….

Women are priceless
Without women
Life will be without spice
Simply lifeless

PS1:- I guess am missing my sister pretty much, wrote a paragraph about her and tears struck my eyes…..
PS2:- All the ladies dont be overjoyed and all the guys dont get disheartened another post coming up showing women in other light..
PS3:- The songs of Hum Tum are really meaingful have been listening to them for the past 3 hrs … the lyricist is great

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24 thoughts on “Girls…

  1. asshole.. tryin 2 earn brwonie points, eh 😉 . Ciomin 2 a more serious note, yeah.. u open out much more easily in frnt of gals.. no 2 doubts abt that.. haven’t xperienced it though 😐 .
    Nd yeah.. d question was asked quite often 2 us 2.. nd noe wat.. I did d same thing as ya!!

  2. Flattering post dude(all the gals wanna talk to u now!!).Good to see that you wrote so specifically about certain aspects lile emotionally driven n stuff.
    Lemme end in ur style
    PS1 – Hum Tum really rocks
    PS2 – Dont even think of writing another post watever abt “other light” thing.Or else………..
    PS3 – I was kidding!!!

  3. awesome post yaar….i think its the best post u have ever written(though its smwht uncensored) 😀 …..but yaar really i like the way u expressd ur feelings & i agree wid u that its easier to share things wid a gal than a guy..
    btw the HUM TUM thing really workd…..keep rockin man….

  4. oye!!!!!!!
    Post is definitely a well worked out and articulated one.
    Happy to know there are some who really think of hurt and not just face.And u definitely owe that relations wid some of ur batch mate gals that u can talk to them (share wid them).
    Well here thr is a problem gals are too less in our batch.
    Unlucky uuuuuuuuuuuuu.
    Well really good one after reading all non sense stuff abt gals.And hum tum funda really rocked!!!!!!!
    Dont even dare to write abt other side !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. awesome post…..i think this is da best post u have ever written(though its smwht uncensored) 😀 ….but yaar i don’t have a sis & ur post made me feel uncomfortable & i started blaming the almighty that why has he done injustice to me….
    btw i agree that u can share ur feelings in a much better way wid a gal than a guy(though i share my feelings wid the most philosophical guy in our batch)….keep writtin such posts

  6. himank …
    well after reading this post evry girl wud like 2 talk 2 u…
    but wait there sumthin more i want to tell u bout our priy himank dat he’s not so bad too when the girl is a stranger 2 him….xcept d case when girl turns out to b so hottt that he too cant resist…(i hope im right..)… here there is a lack of dis feeling… pooor boy …

    well a nice way to describe ur feelings …

    himank i didnt know that were so rough to u …

    neways all in all another nice post…
    keep bloggin
    waiting for other side too…

  7. U have been realli candid in dis post….I whole-heartedly appreciate dis trait…N onr advice is treasure these precious relationships u have n nvr neglect dem 4 any damn thing in life…

    Finalli…Dont ever think of writing women in other light….:P

  8. hmm .. nice post … I agree with you totally. I am waitin for the other post (“Women in other light ” ) so plz write it quickly . 😉

  9. @Karan: Wasnt trying to earn brownie pts… but hav got ’em

    @Namrata,Prashasti: Am gonna write the sequel to this one in a few days….Other light thingy….

    @Mathur : U guys wer nevr rough on me just its d basic boyish nature…and ya i dont have ne probs wid nebody..

  10. well must have melted down many femina hearts…
    liked ur point of you … I hate guys with cheap thinking .. feel like breaking their bones …
    one should have sum chivalry towards women… and you have highlighted that well….
    very well written…

    lage raho  bhai…

  11. i m reading this a year and a hlaf late…all tht u hv written is gud, sesitive and bla bla bla(add ur own bullshit adjectives). i hv only one thng to say: if u call butt of a girl butt of a girl why not call boobs of a girl, boobs of a girl
    ” bosom region” does not make it any less vulgar and even if it did, the butt undid it all
    neways, a gud post

  12. teri nazar ko kya naam dunnn , teri har wafa ko kya naam du , bus tu mujhe ye bata apne baare main ye kyo sochti hai , teri is ada ko kya naam du, tu dhndti hai aaap ne hi jaaha main aaap ne aaap ko is galt fahmi ko kya naaam du …………….

  13. hey… the post was interesting… more were the series of comments… some jealous.. some flattered … some genuinely impressed.. well written dude… quite diplomatic…

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