Girls -II

Dedicated to all the women in my life….

PS (Pre-Script ) : In the post girl word has been used for females…:)

Since i had promised that i will come up with the sequel to my previous post on girls showing the girls in other…So here i am back with the sequel..There are some things which i just despise in girls…..So starting with the list…
First one is which i mentioned earlier,which is they are emotional fools and can get emotional on any and every topic under the sun..and are sure to cry at the drop of a hat..This thing i have experienced with each and evry girl(almost) in my life be it someone from my family or be it one of my classmate ..In this respect i would like to quote one of the experiences i had with my sister…A few years ago when we used to be together that is when she hadnt left for college she and i were arguing over some petty thing and we argued for some time and after the argument finished she and i sat facing in opposite directions..i was like its over and lets talk to her again and then to my horror i discovered that she was crying come on man how can somebody cry over such an argument..that was pathetic….I couldnt ever guess the reason for her bursting in to tears….

Second thing is i just hate going shopping with women..they just suck at it..They will spend an hour choosing a thing which a guy will chose in a maximum of 5 mins and the other thing is their bargaining habit…Girls will keep bargaining for even 1 Re. if they can….Well come on yaar the other guy wont become rich and u wont become bankrupt if you gave the other guy one rupee more or for that matter even 5Rs. while shopping(I m talking about only when shopping and if it is bargaining with a n autowallah or rickshawallah then just forget it….)

Third and another frustrating thing is whenever you have to go out with them they cant get ready in less than an hour which is the minimum i cant understand the meaning of taking so much time just to get ready that you almost miss the thing for which you are getting ready…

Fourth among this list is their desire to be always pampered by the guys specially when its a gf & bf relation come on you always advocate equality and then you are there,cribbing so much that sometimes the guy gets frustrated and i just hope that girls realise this fact looks cute for sometime but not always….

Another thing is the girls are always saying that men and women are equal ans all that crap but come any chance they would never lose any opportunity to get special privileges be it bus seats, lines on reservation counters or and when you ask any girl about the bad ratio in good educational institutes the girl would just frown and go away….why dont they accept the fact that girls are not as sharp as guys….Everywhere the toppers are GUYS.….

One thing they refrain themselves in talking freely on the topics which are taboo in the society, agreed you are not supposed to talk on these topics in public but with friends…why the hell can’t you talk about this topic to your friends …. I havent met a girl who can talk freely on a subject like the period. I asked one of my friend the duration of it(she was my best friend) and the expression on her face was just pathetic though at last she told me by using her fingers and went away. Why oh My God why????

PS1:- I hope the guys who would have been cursing me after reading my last post will feel good…
PS2:- Sorry gals par sachhai chhup nahin sakti…:D
PS3:- Ladki kyun na Jaane kyun Ladko si nahin hoti?????

PS4:- As pointed by Karan i have made some glaring spelling mistakes which might be due to typing errors and since i cantforce myself to read this post again so pls keep pointing out my mistakes..:)

Just now i realised that this was my 50th post …so ppl congratulate me for completing my half-century 😀



12 thoughts on “Girls -II

  1. there r a few glaring spellin mistakes.. correct dem asap..
    yeah.. u av pointed out quite a few imp things.. i guess gurls vil demselves agree upon most of wat uve said.
    Well though out!

  2. Congratulations…….
    another nice post but i don’t think its better than da first one…..
    i don’t agree wid u as the second quality u mentioned is not only for gals….. it even fits to our PK…..who took 1.5 hr to select a shirt & later finalised that he should buy frm smwhr else…. 😀
    also the third one fits 2 our ALSI….who needs 0.5 hrs to have a bath & another 0.5 to get ready…. 😀 (don’t take it seriously)
    btw u have jotted down all the qualities of a girl very nicely it a mother,a sister,a gf, or a friend…..keep blogging….

  3. @viks ..saale u have a gf and u dint even tell me 😦 ..

    @himank Congrats for the 50th post … may u touch 100 by this sem 😉 ..

  4. a decent attempt at “sequeling”(m n sure whether it can be used as a verb or not) but the beauty of ur last post is un matchable by any standards…hence this post doesnt have the appeal or the effect as the last one…tho i agree with u on most points…

  5. @ aditya : U asshole you said my last post was better than this one… but you didnt give a comment on that one but on this one and ya i would also accept the fact that the LAST POST WAS BETTER THAN THIS ONE AND CLOSER TO MY HEART …. But i would say fuck ya since you didnt comment on my last one…

  6. dood !! … get a life… i mean sure u dnt need to get a life .. bt i dont find even one such thing which is new …

    i mean u’ve written sumthin dat probably evry guy knowz about gurls…

    try to more kind of elucidate ur thoughts 😉 😀

    tk care and best f luck 🙂
    god bless ya !!

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