Journey bak home n the 2 girls i met

Well its been much time since i have blogged so i am here back again to the blogosphere . Will write about the recent journey i took back home and the two girls whom i met (or rather say shared space with ) in train upto delhi and then bus from delhi to dehradun respectively…. Both of them were just pure contrasts to each other. One was the seedhi-sadhi sunder ladki and the other was the ultra hip gal from delhi…

Well now lets start with the first gal whom i met(or rather saw) in the train. I was on the Side Upper berth and she along with a gal(must be her sister) and a guy(must be for my sake her brother) and she was occupying the middle birth just opposite me. Almost all of my day was spent sleeping coz i had slept only 3 hrs for the last 2 nights and didnt even have a nap in the noon but whatever free time i got from my sleep was utilised in staring at the pretty face. She was very pretty and on top of dat a very seedhi sadhi (atleast looked so to me) gal. After watching her for those endless hours she just kept appearing more and more prettier to me as the time passed in that long journey from Hyderabad to New Delhi.One thing more i would like to mention is about her bro(i hope he was that). He was way too protective of her(agreed you have to be so with a b’ful sister on hand but he was just behaving in a very odd. Once during the journey i sat on the side of the seat his sisters were sitting(it was done unintentionally) all of a sudden he gets up from the opposite side and asks me to shift to the other side. Leaving it all aside she was just pure beautiful but the real thing was to come the next day when she woke up from her sleep. I just saw her getting up from her sleep and there was a tuft of hair on her forehead and at that moment she could have given any actress in the whole movie industry a run for her money. Those who have seen Vidya Balan in Munnabhai and loved the scene in which she played with her tuft of hairs, i can assure u guys that she was looking equally stunning if not better. Only one thing comes into my mind for her just “Simply Beautiful”. She would be the perfect spouse material for someone like me, simple and beautiful the type of girl i want.

The second girl whom i encountered in the journey was sitting by my side in the bus trip from Delhi to Dehradun. When the bus started from Delhi, i was on the inner side and she was on the outer side of the seat and she was much too close to me. She wasnt looking uncomfortable at all by the physical contact which we were having(you would normally expect this behaviour from a female) but we couldnt stay this way for long coz i had injured my patella at the Delhi Bus Stand so i asked her that i may move out and as a result the close physical contact we were having was broken. She was the complete contrast of the girl who was there in the train, she didnt for one instant seemed to be “seedhi-sadhi” to me. She was the perfect example of the attitude which you would expect from a delhite…she was the typical delhite. Well we were sitting side by side and i thought of starting a conversation with her but all the time she was either sleeping or talking on the phone for sure she must be having some free talk time. The most interesting part was yet to come……..

She decided to fidget with her mobile and i couldnt curb my inquisitiveness and decided to peek into her cell to see what she was doing and discovered that she was looking at the photos stored in her mobile. Now dont blame me for in vading her priacy but i couldnt control my urge and kept looking at her cell and her photos. She kept browsing through all the photos but stopped at a photo in which she was wearing shorts and she just kept watching it and kept zooming in and zooming out and kept that particular photo on the screen for atleast 10-15 minutes. I dont know if she was looking at her photo for the first time in her life but there was something for sure coz she didnt pause to look at any image which could be shown publicly but no she decided to pause at that particular image. Well if you wanna know how she looked, she was quite good lookin. Another thing which seemed out of place to me was that she decided to apply lip gloss during the journey. It seemed quite strange to me that. Well what more can i say about her but ya sure would remember her and hope that i get the same type of company in my future home bound trips………. Just pray for me….

PS1:- Well finally i blogged after so much time and amidst so many disturbing elements.

PS2:- This is the first time i have ever been so lucky in my journey except one case which can’t be written on the blog!!!

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20 thoughts on “Journey bak home n the 2 girls i met

  1. so b**** u r back….as usual nice post but i don’t believe that the second girl story is true as i am da witness 4 da first one but the second one……..may be u r true
    btw the so called “seedhi saadhi” girl wouldn’t match wid sm1 like u so don’t dream so much……
    keep blogging….

  2. **** , **** , *************** …. I think u r more lucky then Lindsay lohan in Just my luck 😉 .U gotta tell me ur secret … how are u so lucky for example a girl proposed to u when you were in 12th .Though u keep doin bc the whole sem u end with a cgpa over 8 . Saale bhagwan se kuch settin hai kya ?? . Anywayz nice to see u back to bloggin after a long time keep bloggin 😉 .

  3. @viks lolz

    sorry people .. the last comment was censored 😀 .

    I cant imagine a seedhi-saadhi gurl with a jungli janwar like you 😉 . so stop dreamin and keep bloggin 🙂 😛

  4. Nice good Luck man.That Delhi babe was trying to patao u..What a fuck face u are u should hav approached her,aage jo hota dekhi jaati.

  5. @viks: I will sure get a girl like that
    @maruti: ok in this case i might be lucky but this occurs very rarely and hw cn u call my luck in the case of my S.G. u r undermining my studies
    @Archit : might be!!
    @utkarsh : vry lucky for a change
    @Halley: Same question as krishnakath had!!
    @mythalez: Its just a coincedence will try to avoid that later
    @Karan: I just hope i kep having this type of luck!!

  6. hey buddy, no doubts u r lucky …
    but i strongly feel that u shud hav approached that girl
    n next time it happens u shud tak a step forward
    who knows what’s coming next 🙂

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