Me n Death face to face

Have you ever stared into the face of death??? Sitting in a particular position and knowing that until and unless something out of the ordinary happens but you can’t do anything on your own except just waiting for the will of God to be executed. Not a pretty good situation to be in and you would never hope to be in such a situation. I would like to relate one such experience i have had in my life when i just escaped death thanx to some good deeds i might have done in my previous births (as elders put it)…

This incident occured in May 2005 some time before coming to the college. I was coming from dehradun and was going to the horrible place called “Ghansali” where my dad is posted….horrible coz its such a small place that you dont even get cd’s of movies on rent…Thankfully we live in Dehradun not Ghansali….So coming back to the main course about the incident that happened and about which i have set out writing the post.

Now coming to the main course of event about which i am gonna write. As i have written earlier that we were going from Dehradun to Ghansali and it is uphill journey. We were going on at our usual speed, the drier who was driving the car is famous in my dad’s office for driving the best and the fastest amongst all the drivers in the division. As we were going on we saw a tanker carrying petrol was lying on the road upturned and petrol was leaking from the tanker and the whole road was drenched by the petrol leaking from the tanker. The people standing there were quite busy in collecting the petrol which was going wast and running down into the deep ravine. We obvioulsy didnt stop to collect the petrol which was flowing down into the valley down.

We would have moved about a kilo meter from that place and our driver needed to apply brakes for some reason. The result of applying these brakes was that our vehicle which was i think TATA SUMO started skitting on the road and it went out of his control and after going on like this for some 100-200 meters, it turned and started moving towards the valley head on. You cant imagine my situation when i saw the vehicle going towards the abyss with even the breaks he was applying not being able to curb the momentum of the vehicle as the tyres were slipping due to the petrol which had clinged to them. As the car went on without anything to stop it.

As the front tyres of the vehicle reached the edge of the road, i became just “COMFORTABLY NUMB” i wasnt able to move even a sinew in my body, the frame of my mind at that instant was such that i was just prepared and waiting for death to come and embrace me coz nothing was in my control or for that matter of anybody who was present at that except the omnipresent and omnipotent The Almighty. The vehicle moveed forward and the tyres went out of the bounds of the road and the front tyres were hanging in air and i seated in the front seat was staring into the abyss and thinking about my family — my sister,my cousins and all the relatives …how will they feel when they hear about me and another thought was about my friends…. “Will they ever come to know that i died in a stray accident?? Will they just keep tring to access me and finally think that i had deserted them??”……………

Just then miracle of miracles, the vehicle stopped abruptly and i heaved a sigh of relief and then it dawned upon us that though it had stopped even then we were in mortal fear of the vehicle going down in case we jumped out suddenly. Our situation was similar to that shown in many pictures though less critical, our jeep was stable and it wasnt having a to and fro motion like a pendulum (as is shown in movies)…..After some time i and our driver bhaia got down vry carefully to lessen he burden from the front part and then gradually my parents also got down and even then the jeep was stable. We got down and noticed to our relief that a sort of pillar made of cement(which are placed on the sides of almost al the roads in hilly region) had broke down due to the collision with the jeep and had somehow aligned in a way that it came between the tyre of the jeep and the footboard of the driver and that was the reason of our jeep stopping when even the breaks had ceased to work.

Few moments later a jeep carrying people came near us and stopped and the people who are acquaintances of ou rdriver came and bailed ur jeep out of the mess it was in and we resumed our journey though with a special feeling of escaping the imminent death which was looming on my head.That day and upto this day whenever i am traveling through a hilly terrain i am never as comfortable as i used to be before this incident. Its just that something starts playing in my subconcious mind whenever the car i am travelling nears the edge of a road. Just hope that such an experience never happens with anyone again and i would like to THANK the ALMIGHTY for bringing me out of this situation without even a minor injury…….

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12 thoughts on “Me n Death face to face

  1. hmm….
    i can very well understand the state of mind at such condition … i had been through such an incident ….
    the diffrence is … we weren’t tht lucky …

    neways .. nice post !!
    keep rockin

  2. nice post dude … as i told b4 u r more lucky thanx lindsay lohan in “Just My Luck” .. and yes u shud thank god for saving ur life 😉

  3. I can feel the tragic experience u had,u realy very well narrated d damn situation.Well,my dear frnd such experience are common in such places,me too hav had faced many such experiences.
    dats d life dood….

  4. hmm…. you had a terrible experience .. I can’t even imagine myself in that state … had to think of a movie scene where a car is about go down the cliff.
    lagta hai Baba Chand Dev ki kripa hai tere upar isliye tu bach gaya …..
    no more PJs
    well written …lookin forward to ur 100th post..

  5. dude….what a lucky man u r….u escaped death,u get atleast one girl whenever u go 4 a journey,u get gud grades without studying…..what more do u want……
    are leave smthin 4 us also……
    anywayz nice post & beautifully written…..keep blogging

  6. Nice one yaar!!!
    I have never witnessed such a situation and cant imagine it even.Well u have narrated it very well.And BABA CHAND DEV is not that effective.So dont depend on him!!!!:)

  7. @Karan : Ya i do thank HIM!!!
    @ @nks:Thanks for d compliment just wish everyone gets as lucky as me in such cases…
    @ Maruti,Vipul: Ya dude i am lucky thanks for realising me that
    @ Vipul : Thanks for d praises
    @Nauty : ya pal in the hilly region these type of things are bound to happen to ya!!
    @ Chand: Me too looking fws to ma 100th post but it has quite sum time away btw this was my 52th post
    @Prashasti : Obviously yaar i cant believe on Baba chand Dev he is a dhongi baba….

  8. really thanks to god that you ascaped… it was a nice post too….. but pls make a slight change in the last line

    “Just hope that such an experience never happens with me again and i would like to THANK the ALMIGHTY for bringing me out of this situation without even a minor injury…….”

    In the last line write that this never happens to ne one. Instead of writing it never happens to you… thanks in anticipation of changes… this way it shows you are positive thinker.. otherwise ur post has a good Moral as well… never drive fast(herogiri kam se kam jhhado). khair chal bye..

  9. Baabaaa….
    Bachuin chai re abi talak
    Chala.. Ishwar ki kirpa ch
    par chuchha, galti jab tera driver ki thai ta tu suddi Ghansali sani kye ch badnaam kan lagun.
    Roj duniya jaani Ghansali, Si kya tani mardan janu tu
    Faltu baat ni chaindi yaar kari
    Tu phir kabi Ghansali aalu tu kai dhang ka driver dagdi aiye.
    Theek cha.

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