The villian whom i respect

He might be one of the most hated person in the history of the world but he cant be dismissed as just a devil, a cruel man responsible for World War II(killing 62 million people) and the holocaust(killing 9-11 million people) . All these facts are known to each and every person and these facts are true, so no one can or will ever deny the fact and thus his cruelty and the more i read about the Holoucast while writing this post more reasons i get for hating the policies of the man………

This is only a part of the story (though a major and disgusting part) there is other part to the person named ADOLF HITLER. “Hitler” the worst surname you could have in this world but i beg to differ a bit. I for my part respect the person for many qualities he had, he wasnt just an authoritarian who came to power and decided to start the concentration camps and kill 11 million people and he for sure wasnt the sole reason for the WWII. There were other reasons for the war. After the first world war Germany was supressed to a very large extent and the conditions in Germany had deteriorated beyond imagination. Germany from being a world power had been reduced to shambles. The condition in erstwhile Germany was so bad that ladies from aristocratic families were forced to be prostitutes. Now if some country goes through such a face due to some curbs by other countries then, for sure there are going to be retaliations in such cases. Th treaties after world war I were important reasons for the second one,most famous being Treaty Of Versailes and to quote wikipedia

The Treaty can be said to be the single most important, indirect cause of the war.The Treaty resulted in harsh reparations, territorial dismemberment, mass ethnic resettlements and hampered the German economy by causing rapid hyperinflation.The Treaty of Versailles was neither lenient enough to appease Germany, nor harsh enough to prevent it from becoming the dominant continental power again”

Coming back to the Man, I was talking about,Hitler, he was the man who instilled confidence in the minds of the people which were burdened by the Terms and conditions of First World War and then the great depression of 30’s. He was the “Knight in shining armour” for the German people(if you can say so). In him people could see hope for their better future. He was an excellent orator and is famous for his speeches which used to infuse people with excitement and desire to do somthing for the country and follow the Man and were a main cause of his rise to power, he was just a magician of this art. He was a meticulous planner and a genius sui generis.

He implemented many policies which helped reduce the problems of the German people, he reduced the unemployment by sending women home and instead men came to work. “Hitler also oversaw one of the largest infrastructure improvement campaigns in German history, with the construction of dozens of dams, autobahns, railroads and other civil works” and the finance for these constructions were handled by the currency manipulation which was later handled by the gold acquired from the foreign countris he attacked. We can for sure see his brilliance in implementing such ideas. He transformed Germany from a low lying nation to a super power, both in economic and military fields, in about 15-20 years.I bet no one can even think of accomplishing this feat in such a short span of time. After Bismarck, he can be said to be the person responsible for the development of Germany

Very few people know that he was also a man of artisitic bend and wanted to be a painter and after failing in this field, tried to become an architect but failed coz he hadnt passed school, so couldnt get admission into any architectural school at that time. If that would have happened the world would have been saved from destruction of such a large scale but the world would have not known a man of such extra ordinary abilities.

I since the time i can remember, hte first time when i read about WW I & II have always had a soft corner for Germany and its allies in both the wars, whenever i have read a history of these wars i have always hoped that instead of US,UK n allies , Germany would have won the battle. If Germany would have had won the wars History would have been written in a different way. i can see similarities between Hitler and Ravan(but not The Allies n Lord Rama), both were geniuses very strong men, men of considerable power and both had turned their land into a powerful country but got distracted from the path of righteousness(cabt say allies were righteous though) and the mistake they did was to fight against a power stronger than theirs.

PS1:- Different and terrible post, i know that!!!
PS2:- Hey this is only my view and i am not glrifying his policies about Jews so dont come to me with a knife….
PS3:- Just saw a map of countries during WWII and axis countries had occupied the whole of Europe(except England and Russia) and almost whole of South America….sexy mann!!! If that fucking USA would have entered into the war, Axis Powers would have won surely!!! 😦
PS4:- I dont know what will happen to my ITWS project… 😦

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5 thoughts on “The villian whom i respect

  1. Keeping the loathing part apart, he was the once who could be pronounced a true leader of the masses. Its not easy to make people lay their lives for you !!

  2. hmm…I agree that he is one of the most hated person mainly due to the antisemitism which lead to genocide of european
    But there is a lot to learn from him and you have highlighted this point well.
    this was ur first blog on history and a nice effort and its not as terrible as u think…
    lookin forward to ur 100th post

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