Teaches are the people whom each and every person in his life at some point has looked up, they are the guides in the life of each and every individual and play a very important role in moulding the life of an indiviudal. Their role in a persons life comes after the Mother. So this is a post to remember all those people who have played a mjor role in shaping my career and me…. So i am listing some of the most memorable teachers who have taught me. This is a list of the teachers whom i would always remember reasons may be different actually this is an effort on my part to pay respect to those people and an effort to have contact with them again if any of them reads it…:)

I have divided the taechers according to the schools in which they taught me…..

MDS(Masseeh Dilasa School ),Uttarkashi

Aabha mam- She is the first teacher whom i remember vividly and one of my favourites. Sweet and soft hearted.She married an army officer and left the school…… I can still remember the farewell she got when she was leaving school when whole school assemblked at school gate to bid her adieu…. How i wish that i may encounter her somewhere walking on the raod …Pls pls pls God lemme meet her once….Mam i miss you too too much….She is the one teacher i wanna meet the most

Mehta sir – The Anglo- Indian teacher who usedto teach English in his own unique style and had guts to slam the door on the face of our principal when she was disturbing him…. 🙂

Madhavi mam – Once gain another sweet teacher used to teach us bio in class VII well she also got married and left the school (i guess dont remember that accurately its been 7 yrs since then )

CMS(City montessori School) Anand Nagar Branch, Lucknow

K Shukla mam – The first thing i can remember of her is, she dragging me out of the clas holding me by my tie coz i hadnt done my homework and it had been long overdue but after that i became her favourite pupil and she my fav teacher in that school. Ppl generally tend to dislike strict teachers but she despite being a strict one was highly popular among students….

Brijesh Sharma Sir – One thing on which i proud myself is my calculation and for that whole credit goes to thie teacher who taught me maths in class VIII. I can remember the day when he called me on the stage in front of whole school in the assemble and asked me some multiplications and that too orally and i answered them and that event raised me in the eyes of whole school…and instilled confidence in me that i am good at calculations….

CMS Station Road Branch, Lucknow

Tanvi mam – She was the daughter of K.Shukla maam whom i mentioned abve wasnt much older than us so we were quite free with her. She used to teach us Chemistry and to this date i can remember a class test we were giving of chemistry and my friend sitting beside me was trying to copy from my answer sheet using his spectacles to his benefit and the laughter into which she burst when she realised what was happening…. Another thing which i remember about her is the ring which she used to wear which had a watch in it….. Dheeraj sir – Well the person who used to teach us maths in class IX and whom i had given the title of “panwari’ coz mostly when he came to class his mouth was stuffed with tobacco and he used to use symbolisms to explain us sumthing and it was pain in ass to decipher him……I can remember the joy we had when a lizard dropped on his hand while he was sitting in our class…

CMS Kanpur Road Branch, Lucknow

Manoj sir – The teacher whom everybody feared and respected in our school… Never seen a teacher with so much knowledge of his subject as him. With his large and bulging eyes he could sure invoke fera in anybody’ s heart even the so called gundes of our school feared him and only him….Brijesh sir – The teacher who taught me maths for 3 years from 10th to 12th and for sure i respect him….for teaching us the basics of maths and for keeping myinterest in maths intact..

Leena mam – Another sweet teacher who was also young so we were quite free with her…I will always remember going to her pre wedding function. Pata nahin what more to say about her except that i miss her wish i could get her e-mail id from somewhere

PD Sharma Sir- PD Chacha as we used to call him fondly , the teacher with whom i have been mosty frank and that too upto an extent that we used to tease her by our English Teacher’s name. Have been treated to so many parties by him…Had an excellent knowledge of his subject and taught so well and his classes were so much fun tha one of my friend said that in his classes we used to study like nursery students “Khel khel mein padhai” and it was true….:)

Well i dont have much expectations that the elderly tachers will read this blog but may be some of the younger ones might stumble upon this one sometime in the future and that would be so generous on God’s part….

PS1:- Yesterday night was gr88888888….
PS2:- This post was not meant to be interesting.just an attempt to reach my teachers…
PS3:- Most of the teachers didnt get into tags coz i have info about them..
PS4:- Dunnno why is it giving the name of school in small letters and also the matter is also shifted forward… God onlyknows or may be wordpress ppl

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8 thoughts on “Teachers

  1. It was nice to see tat u remembered our station road teachers.A smile struck my face when i remembered Dheeraj sir as panwari.U didnt mentioned abt manish sir the one who taught us physics.one day u turned my chair in his class and he asked us plenty of questions ,arnav was also thr ………n u remember our class teacher K.Dhanjal who used to teach english.one day before her class we hav thrown water on each other.Those days were really memorable

  2. @Karan:lol at IIIT profs there is only oine prof to whom i have listened in my one and half yrs in IIIt and he is none other than Prof. Jawahar

    @Sumanth: Ya i do remember many of them and miss a few of them very much

    @Anubha :You have a very good memory i must comliment you and ya i do remember all the teachers you mentioned and Uma Pandey mam and our computer teacher Mrs. Mathur whoused to come to school wearing diff sandals in both her feet and used to make faces in the class but just dont miss them as much the ppl i mentioned here…

  3. My favourite teacher is MR.SANJAY SIR.He is very kind ,caring teacher. he is very TALLENTED.he is the who taught me java language which was very tough for me very easily.I am very thank ful to SIR

    “I will never forget you SIR”

    Your student
    Vidushi Bisht
    Batch No.2007- 2008

    1. hey even i studied in the same school and the same batch but left it after class 7 and i’ve even seen u in school. i was in A and u were in B. but i’m in delhi now. anyways wats up? how’s the town doin? and how’s my batch? ur the only batchmate i could find on the internet. do people have internet over dere?

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