Lucky !!!! AM I????

This festive season is a time to thank someone above for all the gifts he has showered on us….for all the deficiencies from which he has saved us…all the illnesses through which we hae survived thanx to his blessings…I think that almost all the people reading this blog are one of the luckiest people in the world that we have enough facillities that we can access net …ahve computers with us and all that………

The thought of us being lucky came to me when i went home(Dehradun :() and i saw a person who was lifting the waste of a community dustbin and putting it in to a truck to take it away and all that by hand and the next day i saw a young boy working in a shop and being made to work like a horse and on top of that hearing abuses. It is when i see such things that i come to realise that how lucky i am…..

At such times i realise that how lucky i am to have such parents who can afford my study an d that too at such a reputed institute, how lucky i am to have their hand over my head to help me from any difficulties, i realise that i am lucky coz allmy body parts are fine and fit and working i dont have any deficiency in any of my body parts, i realise that ia m so lucky because i ahave always recievd so much love and affection from all my friends and my dear ones and i want to thank all of them for all this….

I am so so lucky….
PS1:- Hey Vipul i guess now you know the reason for having that note being displayed on my cell(if you decide to read this post) 😉
PS2:- Don rockssss SRK rocksss…..Don is kewl…Do go and see the movie,dont miss it…:d
PS3:- Finally the second table will be out of my room tomorrow and my room will llok normal tom onwards..Thanx maruti for agrreeing to it.. 🙂
PS4:- Last few posts of mine have been posted in two categories ” My LIfe” and “Different” gosh…have to be different next time
PS5:- One of my very few short posts…..after a huge post last time

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3 thoughts on “Lucky !!!! AM I????

  1. you rock dude , its such a small thing that we forget between all our masti and stuff but thanks to u …
    and yes maroo has a point and we have a chance tomorrow

  2. nice observation…i ve thought on the same lines quite a many times…i bliv v shud be thankful to God for giving us almost everything 2 lead a comfortable life….

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