The sweetest word in the whole dictionary. The only person in the whole world whom you can trust whatever be the situation and rest assured that whatever she thinks will always be right for you and the best solution for you whatever be the problem you are facing…..What do you say about MOTHER well the heavenly relation on Earth. A person who never expects any thing from you and just keeps on giving you infinite and unconditional love all the time….

Just somehow seem to be remembering my mother more today something to do with going to chand’s house and meeting his home and feeling the same comfort which you can only experience in “Home Sweet Home”..Well mummy really missing you…Missing all the scoldings you gave me for not eating my food fast while watching tv after coming back from school, all your scoldings which i recieved when i didnt keep my shoes and clothes at their proper place and then you yourself hanging my clothes on the hanger, missing you for all the scoldings you have given me for all the scoldings i got from you for not studying (No one here to scold me for not studying so i dont even study a day b4 exam)….

Would like to mention this one thing that almost whole credit for shaping me and my academic life goes to my mummy. If i would have to state in % the share of ppl in my life towards shaping my career then it would be 25% me,15% my teachers, 10% other ppl my sis,dad n friends and the rest 50% credit is to her, my mother. Greatest source of strength in my life the key to my life and what not!!!

I always miss all the talks we had about the girls of my clas and she teasing me by the name of the girls in my class…..I consider myself lucky in this respect that i have got a mom who is somewhat a friend of mine who is always there to cheer me up by teasing me, treating me, making good food for me, buying gifts for me and doing all she could do……

I thank you for dedicating your life for me and my life…I thank you for all the hard work you did and all the strength you showed by living alone with us while my papa wasnt posted in Lucknow and she alone managed us, our household while living alone and our dad used to come intermittently to the home in lucknow..Well mummy i have seen you break down due to the strains and all the work you had done…..Well mummy i know only you could have managed to do such a thing..I have seen you kill your social life just so that you could concentrate on our studies….You never went to any parties which the ladies in our colony used to have so that you are always there when we come back from school….

Hey Mummy i just wanna tell you (though i know you will never read this post) that though i may have started getting bored in home now (coz of lack of friends in dehradun) but just know that i always love you and will always love you…and i dont say this to you ever because i dont want you to know that i am missing you and am sad which will make you remember me more and thus make you sad…..

Mummy i misss you too too much….And i know that i can always come to you and keep my head in your lap and cry if i ever want…Mummy missing you!!!!!!!!!

PS1:- Ate so much chicken in Chand’s house…..
PS2:- Diwali in IIIT…what to say except that i just lighted a rocket and a “fulzhari”(cant seem to remember the eng word for it)



8 thoughts on “Mother!!!

  1. @Karan : Thanx
    @blah : Hey dude if you think that there is something wrong in posting about your mother then go see a doctor coz you are as sick as anybody can get….

  2. hmm… an emotional one ….
    I agree with you…
    My mom is my greatest teacher of compassion ,love and fearlessnes.
    well written.looked lik u really missed her this diwali…

  3. hmmmmmmm…..wht 2 say….i don’t have words to express my feelings abt my mother…..just one thing she is just wonderful……& the post is awesome

  4. I was pleasantly surprised to see this post because guys usually dont get so emotional – atleast not in blogs.Nice work and echoes the spirit of how important Mum’s are in our lives.

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