Comfortably Numb

All of you must have heard the song by Pink Floyd but here is a poem by the name .This is a poem i saw on the blog of Sunshine and i found it very different,meaningful(as far as i could comprehend of it) and beautiful so thought of posting it on my blog for the people who read my blog but not her’s

Prick me life to see me bleed
Not once ‘d I wince in pain
For it’s been long I’ve killed in me
That feel of loss and gain.

And look into the mirror when
A stranger looks me back
Whose face I’ve known for ages now
Still kinship but I lack.

For it was me, yet was it me
Whose soul had weathered storms?
Had learnt to bear the silent screams
In life and all its forms.

And lost in lanes of stoic ways
Wings flapped like restless birds
Where silence in its mindless state
Would mean much more than words.

I learnt the ways of daedal earth
To kill all that I love
To shove my dreams in distant lands
Yet ask nor look above.

For the dead don’t rise to torture thee
My death knell came from life
From fiendish pain to comfort numb
The welcome change- a knife.

Stabbing pain in all its fury
No warmth or chill to feel
O salvation- ensconced in thy womb
The truth- a litany to reveal.

With dripping blood and poisoned wounds
None left to lose or gain
For it’s been long I’ve numbed myself
And learnt to live with pain.

PS1:- Life is so dull and boring….It suxx….
PS2:- Project work in full flow..Hope to get a decent grade in ITWS this time.. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Comfortably Numb

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