5 Digit Mark comes to me!!!!

Finally !! Finally !! Finally i made it into 5 digit of my blog stats.After so many months of dedicated blogging my blog visits have exceeded 10k. Needless to say that i am happy on this achievement of mine. I made my first blog somewhere back in October on blogspot and posted my first post on 18th October 2005 and got the first comment on 2nd Dec(2 months after writing it…isnt it too much 😦 ) by none other than my current roomie Maruti but after that i left blogging and posted my next post in february but became regular to blogging in March and then shifted to wordpress sometime in the middle of April so i registered 10000 counts in 6 months.. 🙂 …good isnt it???considering it is a completely personal blog….

Wanna say thanks to all the regular readers of my blog and also the not too regular readers…….

Just wanna thank whoever came up with the idea of blogging coz blogging is the only work(if you can say so) which has had me attached to it and is the first thing in which i have been regular in my life…This blog has been my partner in my miseries , my happiness through this blog i have able to vent my frustration ,express my gratefulness which i would not have been able to do in person so this blog has just become a part of my life 😀

PS1:- ITWS project has completely fucked me up have been sleeping at 4,6:30 .7:30,4,8 am for last 5 five days and didnt sleep yest… 😦
PS2:- Also realised today that i completed 1 year in blogging world on 18th October 🙂

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7 thoughts on “5 Digit Mark comes to me!!!!

  1. congratsssssss! awesome achievemen maan! Most of the 4th yrs have arnd 10-15 K visits.. so cant imagine what ur blog will look like after 3 yrs 😀

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