Finding Neverland

I had been suggested by my friend a year and half ago by one of my friends that i should se this movie but somehow i wasnt getting around to watching the movie but finally today i saw the movie and it was just, just , just brillinat. Awesomee movie, i regret not having watched it till now….Oh man how can they make anything so beautiful so emotional just extra ordinary movie….

I am not gonna blabber about the story of the movie but i cant stop myself from writing about the movie. As a rule i never cry in movies (iknow thats the same case with almost all of the guys) and i know that i am good at concealing my emotions but this movie just brought out the emotions out of me and i was crying in the movie and not only crying i was almost sobbing… :(( I have seen quite a lot of movies in my life and many of them have been quite emotional but this is the first movie in which i have cried there is another movie Swades watching which a tear almost came to my eyes but i didnt cry but this movie is just awesome…..

The last scene of the movie when J.M.Barrie has a chat with Peter in the last scene you just cant stop yourself from crying, there are many scenes worth mention in themovie but in this scene i just could make myself look into the eyes of Peter and couldnt stop myself from crying…….AWESOME. This experience about the movie is not only mine but i saw the imdb link of the movie and i read that many people share the same experiences like me, for many people this has been the first movie for which they have cried…..

Finding Neverland is sure gona bring a tear to your eye and if it doesnt then you dont have any right to be called a human….By the way the protagonist of the story Mr.J.M.Barrie is the author of Peter Pan which i discovered only yesterday while reading about the movie and then accidentally coming to know that J.M.Barrie was a real man and not a fictional character and even Mrs.Sylvia Llewelyn Davies and all the Davies brothers whowere actually 5 not 4 as shown in the movie…..
But this movie was a class apart ..why arent such god movies made in India?????

PS1:- After getting almost mad and being exhausted my project finished 🙂 atleast i hope so… it true Bharat Sir???
PS2:- Saw “Sleepless in Seattle” too yesterday that too a good movie but nowhere near this one…
PS3:- Wireless LAN sux like hell….

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6 thoughts on “Finding Neverland

  1. what a nice coincidence!
    i have also written about Finding Neverland in my blog. it is just great! feel free to read what i wrote about it. i completely agree what you said 😉
    the last scene also made me cry 😦

    Sylvia:What is it like, neverland?
    Barrie:One day i will take you there…

    incredible quotes..more and more.. just lovely..

  2. hi.. visited your blog after quite a long time(the post i last read was abt “girls you met”!!)Quite happy to see the changed look of your blog,its really pleasant now:)
    Btw,Finding Neverland is my fav film too…

  3. @ Osman: I read your blog just couldnt comment wil do it for sure later…
    @ Karan: You sure should do it dude!!1
    @ Prateek: Ya i will surely read that if you say so!!
    @ Deepti: Well thanks and neverland has risen in my fav charts too.
    @ Bharat: You shud do that for sure and for the reply to PS thanx 🙂 !!!!

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