A IIITian bids Adieu to third sem

The time has come to bid final adieu to the lightest sem of IIIT,out of the sems i have experienced during my stay in IIIT and i was told by somone that this is the lightest amongst the first 5 sems in IIIT.

Many new things have occurred in this sem, like we became seniors interacted with juniors(or ragged them as some say) someof us were forced to dance to the tune of DISCO though they were let off without any severe action taken against them after our batch took their responsibility. Realised to my pleasent surprise that our batch is one of the most united batch of IIT(dunno abt the juniors though)!!! I for my part have also changed quite a bit started doing quite a few new things in this sem about which it would be better if i dont discuss in public.

This sem has been a sem of freedon where we could have done a lot of constructive work owing to the scarcity(am i exaggerating???) of classes in the sem and specially after the second mid sems when ITWS class was finished and we had 3 days off a week…just too much freedom. We have ruined our habits due to the freedom we got in terms of the classes we had to attend and i am sure its gonna be much difficult getting used to more no of classes in the next sem which is also slotted to be the toughest sem in IIIT 😦 (i am horrified even thinking about the next sem)….

We had quite a lot of freedom to do any constructive work in the sem, to learn anything or do any other thing which could have been benificial for us but on my part i should say i have done nothing better this sem except sleeping a lot and blogging a lot….none of the two things can be said to be much useful to me in my future. Many people in our batch have resorted to blogging in the free time which was avilable. One more thing we started in the initial phase of the sem was Gymming went to the gym for some 15-20 days but as usual couldnt become regular in it too..How can you expect some one to be regular in anything in such an irregular sem????

One very important thing…I managed to sneak into Computers after opting for Electronics in the AIEEE counselling and getting bored and afraid of EC in the first year itself.

This sem has been quite different emotionally too for me had a few crisis with my friends,went away from some people and strengthened the relations with some…..Indulged in the sharing process(as my friends refer to it) a lot with a lot many people and came to know that nobody is happy its just that people keep pretending so as not to incite any questions. Found a sister in college 🙂 Regained a person’s friendship who was going away from us. Realised that having room mates in such small rooms is not such a good idea after all…..

One thing which i didnt do even in this sem was studying and listening to classes like the first two sems coz thats not related to sem or studies its just related to me though i have come to know that even the most serious people of our batch stopped listenig to the classes this sem owing to the boring lectures this sem!!!

As the sem neared its culmination we experienced ITWS Projects which can be said a simulation of the corporate life and we somehow huffing and puffing managed to reached the end line. As the sem ends and we move into the 4th sem another question starts raring into our minds about which many of us are uncertain as of now or i should say only a few are certain about ewhich course to pursue in our future life ….what should be the next step we take once we get out of the secure confines of the college into the bad,real world …..many questions are bugging the mind…whether to go for an MBA??? an MS??? or whether just to get employed and start getting paid or to to get job just to gain work experience and to go for MBA after getting some work experience(as many of us hope to do) but right now the basic question looming on my mind is whether to go for honours program or not!!!!!!! COz there is no point of going for it if i decide to pursue MBA.

Guess now its time to sign off as exams are banging on my head so i could manage with some studying!!!so this is me saying Adieu to third sem Welcome to a new phase in life which i hope to be exciting

PS1:- Sure to get fkd in OS exam GOD save me!!

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7 thoughts on “A IIITian bids Adieu to third sem

  1. abe.. lets prepare for mba.. at least I’ll have someone to go along with moi 😀
    nd yeah.. i agree that the sem has made me lazy
    PS: I wanted 2 write a post on the same 😦 guess i’ll go ahead.. i have different things 2 say 🙂
    neways.. well written

  2. Already deciding on career prospects !! Bravo 🙂

    Btw 2-1 is HELL redefined as far as EC folks are concerned.Lucky you !!

  3. a**clown i was the one who sufferd the most .. i had a single room in first year 😦 . Anyways i agree with you that this sem has made everyone lazy 😦 and yeah we have been exposed to some new things 😉 which even i wudnt like to discuss publicly 😀 .

  4. @ Karan : Cant say for sure that i can give you company in that matter
    @Turbo : Thanx 🙂
    @Abbulu: Ya have to think abt it ….. 2-1 is hell for ECE 2-2 is hell for us
    @ Maruti : Ya blah blah blah
    @ Shrikant : LOL

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