Wikipedia says :- A song is a relatively short musical composition for the human voice (commonly accompanied by other musical instruments), which features words (lyrics). It is typically for a solo singer, though may also be a duet, trio, or for more voices (works with more than one voice to a part, however, are considered choral). The words of songs are typically of a poetic, rhyming nature, although they may be religious verses or free prose.

I say
:- Songs are the crux of life you can find a reflection of self in the form of songs its just that you have to realise which genre of songs is suitable for you in the mood which you are in. Depending on your mood you can like different type of songs at any instant ranging from Hard Rock to Pink Floyd to Peppy nos. to Romantic songs to mukesh type sad songs its just a matter of heart…….

I was not a music buff upto class XI used to get a headache whenever my sister used to see the songs on TV though could tolerate some amount of audio music coz itw as playe dmuch in our home as my home is a complete music buff and says that her cassettes are her most prized assets.My affair with music started in class XI when i started being in the comapny of Sushant Trivedi ..the lad used to sing songs all day long in school and made me listen to his vioce all day long and my interest in music begin to grow AHISTA AHISTA at first it was limited only to the movie songs which was the only thing i used to get to listen slowly i also started listening to contemporary Indian Pop scene gradually music began my life and i was allowed to listen to music even whlie studying. The first movie album which i liked in this phase was SUR and that made me a fan of a ceratin person name LUCKY ALI of whom i am still a fan till now “East or West Lucky ROXXXX” he is the first singer to make an impact on my mind and an impact to last for ever……All this time i was unaware of any English Music except the legenDARY(to quote Barney) “My Heart will go on“,“Words”, some of BSB stuff, some Ricky Martin, “Whenever wherever“.

Then came another phase of my life “KOTA and IIT Coaching” and i was exposed to a bit of English music by a guy , the nusic ranging from AVRIL to Maroon5 to Black Eyed Peas to Justin Timberlake to Hoobastank and in this phase Avril became my latest heart throb though heard only one song of hers which was “Happy Endings”.My friend also tried to introduce me to Linkin Park but my rock taste buds were not mature enough to listen to ROCK…..

Then i came to IIIT and was exposed to a whole range of music ranging from ABBA to Britney.The first song which i heard after coming to the college was “Zombie” by Cranberries the song sung by Harshita on freshers day was so popular that it seemed like the College Anthem at that time. Slowly slowly over the period of two sems i started getting familiar english songs mostly the pop music never did i feel any inclination towards Rock during whole of my first year even after continos head banging for some 2 hrs during Felicity ’06 and used to abuse adi and maruti for listening to that shiity stuff but as the second sem came to an end i started to get interested in a few songs which can be classified int o the Rock Genre first song was either “Numb” or “In The end”and then came “chopsuey” which just rocked my world and i listened to these 3 songs and Its my life for almost whole of my summer vacations coming to the end of my vaccations i also started listenig to some Nirvana and other songs of LP after coming here Started listenig to much rock and loved it too …. Then another transformation.i started listening to Beatles and Elvis Presley both the highest selling artists in the world,cant say much abt Beatles have heard only 2-3 of their songs but am just loving Elvis. Also like the song “Powerless” By Nelly Furtado quite a bit these days
All this rock stuff aside, i sure like Rock but cant listen to much Rock Stuff over an extended period after some bit of hard or metal rock, i need some indian songs or some decent english music to stabilise my mind and rid off any headache which i might have sometimes after an intensive session of rock music. Even now i am relieved to hear songs of “Tum Bin” and nothing cheers me up more than “Mausam by Lucky Ali”…..

Addition – I just forgot to write about Rap in my previous version so i am adding  that on baba sir’s request wel to say the least i dont like RAP i cant listen to rap at all its just crap to my eras though i like a hindi rap song these days and a few english rap songs too but they are countable on fingers!!!!
PS1:- Listening to Presley right now 🙂
PS2:- Wrote the post yesterday that makes it two posts in a day…. but am posting it today!!!
PS3:- This post has quite a lot of links :p 30 links in all and if you consider technorati tags then it is 35 😀

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6 thoughts on “Songs

  1. must av taken u a fair bit of time 2 put those links in 😛
    asshole, at this rate, u’ll reach 100 posts before i reach 50. slow down 😦
    nd yeah, r u not studin 4 sns 😛

  2. @abbulu .. he hates rap .. i think his rap taste buds aint mature enuf .

    I will try to give him a good dose of rap “Eminem” ,”50 cent” , “Fort Minor” etc 😉

    Anywayz cool post with nearly 30 links must have taken an hour 😀 . Nice way to kill time during prepartion for SnS lol 😀

  3. @ Karan: Ya it took lot of time!! Iwill try my best to reach 100 b4 u reach 50 😛 and i was nt studying sns dat day coz of 2 days hols waise bhi u know how much i study!!!

    @ Abbulu: I was thinking of writing abt it but just forgot whle writing so to make my point clear i sort of like 2-3 of them but just cant listen to rap at all…I will add matter to the post abt this thanx for reminding me!!! 🙂

    @ Maruti : Thanx for writing what i ws supposed to write and ya u didnt write anything abt how horrible i am as a roomie in this comment!! 😉

  4. @himank Sorry i forgot 😀 .. so here goes

    Guys, this guy is totally mad .he totally pisses me of by listenin to the same song for days . (its like while(1) play(a song); :D).
    p->q and q->p this proves that himank is a horrible roomie ( i dunno what p and q are 😛 )

  5. Hi Himank, I m Sushant Trivedi here. I m jus crazy for music n just EAT,SLEEP n DRINK MUSIC. Tumne koi Sushant ka nam mention kiya hai, it may b me!!!!!
    I m frm INDORE

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