Wierdo!!! Who Me????

I was reading someone’s blog and he was tagged by somebody t owrite 20 wierd things abt himslef so i thought i should also write this as this could be a great idea to write a post…So here i am writing 20 wierd things abt maself!!!!

1. I am a renowned sleeper in the college and i have done many things to gain this fame. I sleep an average 10-11 hours daily but i can give any sloth in this world a run for its money if i come to myself coz once i slept for 26 hrs straight, waking up just once to eat and yet another time i slept for 22 hrs straight.

2. I have this ultimately curvy hair which are gonna straight the day India beat Brazil in soccer whatever i do they just behave as they like..(i am planing to get them straightened if money permits)

3. When i was in clas XII i proposed a girl on the day of raksha bandhan and she refused 😦

4. Most readers of my blog must be knowing i am damn anxious to get married(a bit wierd isnt it??) to add to that i plan to marry acording to the customs of the 4 major religions(hindu,muslim,christian and sikh) when i do get married…

5. Second one related to marriage is i wanna marry a muslim girl coz of two reasons, first is muslim girls are generally hotter than hindu and teh second reason is a muslim girl will be able to cook chicken for me but if i marry a brahmin girl 99% chance is that she wont be even eating chicken leaving aside ccoking!!! 😦

6. I am very particular about the corectness of language being spoken by ppl arnd me and am always correcting Hindi of people around me ,i am on a never ending mission of correcting the ppl around me…cant correct the english coz i am not competent enough otherwise would have done that too for sure..

7. I dont know how to drive a bike or a car.. i just used to drive scooty when i was at home ….now dont kill me for saying that… 🙂

8. If i am awake at 8 am on any holiday 99% chance is that i have not slept yet compared to my chance of waking up after sleeping some time in the night…

9. When i was in 3td class, i just attended school for abt 2-3 months in the whole year coz i missed a month due to a sever headache and the rest coz there was a strike in the place i was living so teh schools weren’t allowed to open 🙂 this makes it two classes that i have not studied coz i also jumped when i was in class I that is went to 2nd after KG.

10. I was always teased in my home by the name of the girls of my school when i was a kid by my mother..she used to associate my name with the girls of my class by herself

11. I was damn shy of girls upto class VII and couldnt dare talk to them which suddenly changed in class VIII with a change of place and i had girls as my best friends

12. I can be a bit stubborn at time specially when i was a kid once i was going through a servant of ours and i liked a watch but when i was told that i could not have it coz he didnt have nough money to buy it i became adamant and lay down on the road when told that i couldnt have it..finally he had to mortrage his own watch to buy me that watch and one other time i was adamant onmeeting Mulayam Sigh Yadav and i was pacified only when i was made to meet a guy dressed in Kurta Pyjama declaring himself to be Mulayam.

13. I just cant study by myself, all the ppl of my batch can vouch for the fact …Its just that i just cant seem to study unless somenone else teaches me…

14. I shoplifted from a mall recently when i went home in dussehra holidays, i shoplifted a belt and its shop lifted not stole a belt from that mall just for adventure though coz i never needed it and its lying unused now after coming to me..In case some police guy is reading the post …I AM JOKING HA HA HA 😀

15. I have strange habits,like i can be very particular about many things which are of no consquence to others like the last year i used to go to OBH one side and coming back from OBH was the other way and it was same with me in my home..There were 2 ways of getting out of our colony, it was something like squarish and the gate was the same both ways so whenever i left my home it was one way and coming back it was alwyas the other way…

16. All the points written upto now were written on the morning when i had my SnS Exam and i was lying down on my bed trying to get a sleep at 5:30 am in the morning or night (whateva you would say it…)

17. When i started writing these points i thought it would be difficult gathering 10 points and now i feel like i can write atleats 25 which makes my wierdness quotient high !!! 😉

18. I can listen to all kind of music from Elvis to Sad Mukesh Songs to Yoodley Yoodley of Kishore to A.R.Rehman to Lucky ALi to Sonu Nigam and have a liking for Rock too but just cant seem to bear Rap music much and can tolerate punajbi only when there’s sum party and i am dancing though i cant dance as i hav 2 wooden feat..

19. Thinking about 19 0f these 20 points took me just about half an hour so i guess my wiredness quotient is pretty high 😉

20. Whenever i like a song much and havent heard it before then i dont stop listenig it before i have heard it about 25-30 times minimum and one thing moire i like keeping count of the no of times i have listened to a song and thats one of the reasons why i like Windows MEdia Player coz real doesnt give this facilty and also its look also sux ….

Now i tag Karan, Maruti, Chand and Aditya in this post coz they are the only ppl in my frnd cirle from whom i can expect a post ..

PS1:- Exams finished at last…. 😀 🙂 😛 😉 Yippeee
PS2:- Network Notworking again ..sysadmins just suck… 😦
PS3:- Many ppl have left the campus or are going out tom ,it will be quite lonely…
PS4:- THe more i see That 70’s show the more frustu i get coz they get to Do IT at the age of 17 and we … what to say 😦



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