Boy -> Man

Yesterday i was just thinking when is the metamorphosis from a boy to a man completed. When does the time comes when a guy is not referred to as a boy but as a man…The more i thought about it the more i became confused and finally i had to halt this tarin of thought without any accepatble answer……

I thought of many things but was not completely satisfied so thought of jotting down all the points on the blog..

  • First one i thought was when a guy gets a job and is self-dependant and according to me this best suits the stage when the transformation takes place
  • Second i can say that after having sex a boy becomens a man , this term is most popularly used for he made her a woman and recently i heard in that 70’s show that “Donna made Eric a man” So may be this is also a good critirea of judging whether a guy is a man or a boy…
  • Another thing can be that we can be called men as soon as we are out of school and comfort of home and into college after all first year ppl in colleges in US are called freshmen and not freshboys….
  • A few more of these about which i have forgot now but htought abt them last night….

Speaking of this becoming men from boys stuff,i remember how i used to look at my dad when i was a kid and was always fascinated when i used to see him shaking hands with all his friends whenevr he met his friends and saw that as a sign of being grown ups so after few years when i used to shake hands with my friends on meeting them i thought that i have grown up a bit and still i can remember the first time an uncle shook hands with me …..that was the day i sure felt like i have grown in to something and i do have some value in this world…. 🙂

PS1:- HOlidays zzzzzzz…
PS2:- Blogging arena is quite dead these days….specially our batch bloggers ofcourse except me :))
PS3:- one of the shortest post i have written…

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10 thoughts on “Boy -> Man

  1. Hi,
    Nice post. I feel a boy becomes a man when he becomes aware of his responsibilities, when he becomes mature, when his eyes don’t only has power to see but have a vision also, when he can distinguish between what is right and what is more right, when he learns to deal with his emotions and knows which one to supress and which one to live with happily.
    Right now I can think of these only 😀
    Nice Post (in addition to that a bit immature also :D)

  2. lol @karan

    I think a boy becomes a man when he can take responsibilities and can live on their own . I disagree with point no.2 , having sex doesnt turn a boy to a man because he may be having sex at an age where he can barely sense the difference between good and bad 😀 .

    the topic was good but you could have written more 😦 . I think your standards are goin down .. remember “Quality is more important than quantity” .So plz write some good posts instead of 100 illogical post .. i hope this comment doesnt get deleted .


  3. @ Varun: Can’t disagree more with freud….

    @ Karan: What crap was that???

    @ Devansh Sir: Good mature thoughts think this will open mymind a bit… and ya isnt a bit of immaturity good for me???

    @ Maruti: you are saying to prefer quality over quantity but i just wanna tell you that this is my blog and i neither prefer quality nor quantity i just prefer the voice of my soul.. whatever i want i just post about it coz this is MY blog….
    and to hell with standards this is my voice i will raise it the way i like it…… 🙂

  4. the points you quoted in order to explain the transformation are pretty good but i dont agree with the second point of yours idont think after having sex boy becomes a man if its so then imagine a 12 year boy after having sex will become a man its not possible.ithink boy becomes a man when he starts to realise what are his priorities n duties towards life .when he realise the fact that now the time has come to prove himself infront of others and most importent to prove himself in his own eyes and in his own mind if this point gets satisfied then a boy is MAN.GOT IT BABY.neways you wrote this blog in a very creative manner.

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