"LOVE” Can i get what it is??

Wikipedia says:-Love is a profound feeling of tender affection, or intense attraction. People in love are often considered to have “good” interpersonal chemistry. Love is described as a deep, ineffable feeling shared in passionate or intimate interpersonal relationships.

Perhaps the most enigmatic and may be the most used 4 letter word after the word “fuck”. Each and every person in this whole wide person must be having his own definitions of Love which may be acceptable to him/her but may be just crap to the other person sitting beside him/her. Love can be said to be the most beautiful emotion in this world. Recently i have been trying to think how can we define love?? What is meant by love?? How do you know when you are in love???? These are a few of the many unanswered questions which i have about love.

Back in class XII when i was in a relation with someone and i used to spend many hours thinking about her and used to feel happy just to hear her voice due to some strange situations i didn’t meet her as much as i would have liked. 😦 and when the time was there to go and meet her i used to get ready like anything to look good in front of her. That point of time i used to think that this should be love..after all isnt love the feeling you have for your girlfriend??(ain’t it???) Now that i think of it..i just dont feel like that it could have been love somehow it just feels like it was an infatuation i might be wrong that could have been love ..who knows. May be i am confused because i see love as it is shown in movies. The love shown in movies is just extraordinary they just live off their lives thinking of their loved ones and all blah blah blah

I just dont understand of losing your heart and all that stuff..i just cant make out what is meant by “dil kho gaya hai”. I would be so happy if someone could explain me what happens when “dil kho jata hai” what do you feel like. Do you feel like yuo cant feel about anybody else except the person concerned coz heart is the place which makes us feel about something or may be u can say if u lose ur heart then u wont even feel about that person… 😉

If i would have to define love, i guess i would define it to be an extension of friendship i would say love is like a deep and strong friendship between two people of opposite gender (ofcourse if you are not gay or lesbian for that matter) and given that you have some physical attraction too… MOst important thing for me if you love a person is you should be able to imagine yourself spending the rest of your life with ur partner. Most imp thing is you should be comfortable with the person whatever ur situation may be. But i think somewhere deep down there is a flaw in this philosophy of mine coz i have felt this way with a few good (girl)friends of mine but somehow that wasnt love that was just friendship i guess….It cant be that simple…

If i would like to define the feeling of being in love i would like to describe it using the song kuch to hua hai from Kal ho na ho..
bekhayali mein gungunata hun
ab akele mein muskurata hun
Hasnke milta hun aajkal sabse
This song rocks maan
Mehki hui si jaise hawa hai…Kuch to hua hai kuch ho gaya hai

When i was going through this phase i used to imagine her and me inpace of the hero and heroine in many scenes in the movies i used to see..I still remember imagining her in place of Rani Mukherjee in a scene from the movie Saathiya where she was wearing a blue sari.

Since the time i have been thinking of this topic…i thought what some people i know would say about love if i ask them so here is what i think their answer would be to what love is

MarutiWatching DC++, Downloading 🙂
Karan This love and all is bullshit sex is the only thing….
Raman ??? A confused face.. then some crap which no one would be able to comprehend.
Chand WOuld like to hear him say..coz our thoughts match on many things
Kulbir lINUX IS LOVE, lINUX IS GOD Linux is everything
Somani/Abhilash Coding !!!
Khurana Library walls( i just love the air there..cant live without it)
Prof. Jawahar Assignments 🙂
Me(in a light mood) BC(for the ignorant it is just Time Pass)

PS1:- New sem finally started
PS2:- And we are gonna be royally fucked by the professors…by the looks of it

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12 thoughts on “"LOVE” Can i get what it is??

  1. nice post man .. its so difficult to express one’s feelings in words , must say u have done a good job …
    for my views on LOVE ….
    yaar kabhi round lagane chalenge we will have a discussion on it …
    we will take Maroo wid us … wats the fun widout argument hehe…

  2. hmmm… m actually confused. specially after i spoke 2 u guys.. is there anything lie love? dunno. i av never xperienced it, nd hence m a non beliver.. but who noes?? but it is a funny site 2 c all those couples speaking for hours on the fone, half the time saying “what else” and “do u love me” :))
    nice post! was thinkin on writin on the same when v ahd the discussion last time arnd, byt nevertheless, u went ahead and did it

  3. This has been one of your best posts I have read(notwithstanding the fact that you wrote you as ‘u’ and your I’s werent capitalised – you are blogging dude right??).The table at the end was cool and yeah Karan looks like a non-beleiver in love and I guess thats cool too.I would like to know
    Who is or was your girlfriend??I need something to gossip on…

  4. @ Maruti: Same to u
    @ Mathur: Kool definition n naam ko secret hi rehne de 🙂
    @ Chand: Sure i am game for such a walk.. 🙂
    @ Maroo: Just hope u experience it sumtime 😉
    @ Namrata: Hey c’mon yaar this is my past time activity why should i care abt the bloody i’s and u’s and abt the name same as mathur
    @ Spawn : thanx
    @ Abbulu : 🙂

  5. another one from ur fav list …. first on some comments … maruti’s second one for mathur 😀 and look wht X asking from u abt ur girl friend 😛 ….

    now on the post …. i dont knw wht is love as i havent been in till now 😦 but as seen in movies i feel its a wonderful feeling and i desperately need some1 who loves me a lot and i do the same …. i have seen a couple who are are in love and i just cant express how it feels to c them as i cant wait that if love is like this wht da hell taht im not getting ne1 😦

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