Each and every person in this world atleast in the world surrounding me must have heard PJ’s and banged their hearts afte hearing a pathetic one but what do you do about a person who crack such Pj’s with such consistency that you dont have any option left save just surrendering yourself…..And no maruti i am not talking about you… This time i am talking about someone who is miles ahead of you in this art (thouhg should say maruti is catching up fast..you just have to be his roomie to be amzed at the sponatneity and consistency and quality of his PJ’s(or phatte)(SEE NESTED BRACKETS 🙂 ))
Today i will write about one of my classmate from school for whom no other term can be apt except the honour of “PJ QUEEN” or may be “PJ GODDESS” may be rather apt for her. Now the person reading this must be thinking that there are a hell lot of people who are an expert in this field so then why do i go on writing a post exclusively for her but my dear friend… if you would have ever heard her PJs then i am sure you would also like to tell other people about such a great personality. There is an infinite list of her phattes and i can write a book on them if i would have remembered them but i will write only a few of them which were conveyed to me by her either through the medium of chatting or her messages..So here go a few of them….
All of the phatte i am gonna list here are her original i have read one of them on a site but it was messaged to me by her some months before that…
First one :
Tell the name of the virus which spreads very very fast….ans you might have read someawhere else and it is “c”irus.

Another one is:
Once i was chatting with her and we were talking about the good ties we used to have when we were in school and all that part and i said that though i live in hyderabad par mera dil to lucknow mein hi hai…. and to this her answer came which i had never expected
“Kya baat hai tumhara ciculatory system to bahut lamba hai rehte hyderabad mein ho aur dil yahan pe hai” after listening this i could do nothing but bang my head on my table

One more:
i once sent her a scrap in orkut asking “Aur zindagi kaisi chal rahi hai????
And the answer came —> “Zindagi kaisi chal rahi hai ye to zindagi se hi jake poocho mera nam to anita hai.” The reaction didnt come from me this time but my friends who saw my scrapbook i can even now remember the look on shrikant’s face on reading the scrap

Another classic one is:
Why does a dumb cat falls?????

Ans: Since the cat is dumb so it can’t mew since it cant mew therefore friction coefficient “mew” is zero so it slips…

And the best one:
I will just copy my conversation with her
We were talkign about something and i knew something which she thought i must not have known…now the conversation ..
She:sab info hai aapko..
Me: kya karein hum hain hi gyani log
She:2mhara password gyani hai kya???
Me: kya??what do you mean by that??
She: cz 2m us se log karte ho..

Nothing left to say now…
PS1:- For the first time since coming to IIIT i am doing something useful am doing spoj
PS2:- Subjects and profs this sem are interesting specially i just liked Prof. Sangal’s teaching..he rocks as a professor others are also good but he is…


7 thoughts on “PJ QUEEN !!!!

  1. @maroo; 🙂
    @ MAruti: u r no match for her ..she can beat you hands down even on her off day
    @ Shrikant: Now think of me who tolerate dher for 3 yr and even now have to tolerate her PJs during chattinG!!!

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