Why Girls ??? Why???

One of the most delightful topic for the male junta to talk upon and a topic completely taboo when it comes to talkign in public..Sex the three letter word which has and will always fascinate the masses and the classes both but just cant talk it out in public…..

The main point which i have in mind is not this coz its the basic structure . I just wanna ask the girls out there that whats the problem with them??? As far as i know this is a basic need and desire . Then why is it that always that boys are left asking for sex and all whereas girls are always denying it..and its almost always that a boy proposes a girl seldom do you hear that a girl proposed a boy or something like that…Come on yaar i cant believe that girls never get attracted to guys or they dont find them desirable but what they do is just keep mum and wait for some intiation from the other sideion…

Coming back to the sex thing sometimes i just feel likeits a big weapon for the female species whenever they want to exercse their authority on the (poor) male counterpars except ofcourse the crying and all that emotional stuff. Its very beautifully shown in that 70s show when Donna stops having sex with Eric whenever he disagrees with her on some point.

I am not saying that guys always just wanna have sex with girls but i just wanna ask that why is it that girls seem so distant from the idea of sex and all and most imp thing is how they control themselves??

I guess i have started looking a big pervert so will stop writing on this topic but would like to have a long talk with a girl on this topic but i know no one would come forward and have a talk even utter the word sex in front of a girl and just see her reaction..its just amazing!!Its so strange!!!

I wanna clarify that i am not dying to have sex(well actually might be may be atleast a kiss! 🙂 dont i look a frustu?? ) but just that this question came to my mind that why is it always that make a move?? Why not gals??? A Girl should come forward and make some advancements sometimes in a relation..thats what i want!!! I am not saying this by personal experience havent gone this far with any girl 😦 to expect something like that….its just a result of my empty brain the devil’s workshop..might be i am wrong but i guess am not!!!!

Another post on girls, some guys are gonna blast me now 😦 but hell this is my favourite topic why shouldn t i write abt it??? As mathur was saying ki tune ladkiyon pe research ki hai kya?? I would say ki nahin hai par research papers zaroor likh raha hun and trying to understand them……

PS1:- Graphics assignment going on….
PS2:- 2 days holiday sometimes zindagi rocks baliye … 🙂
PS3:- I know i am gonna be blasted by any girl who choses to talk to me abt it…but whats life without some blasting?????

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15 thoughts on “Why Girls ??? Why???

  1. dude..you might not hv don the research work but you hv published many papers…it seems to me that after reading this post no girl would talk to u in a friendly manner cause her conscious wont allow..but newayzz..a gr8 topic to be discussed..and a nice post..
    gud luk …

  2. “Donna stops having sex with Eric whenever he disagrees with him on some point” …. he disagrees with him …. are u talking about gay relationships … or was ita typo error 😛

  3. even though this is another of those posts on gals, it’s one i agree with completely.. bole to word 2 word. saale, ladkiyan enjoy it more than us, and inspite of it, its we who have to take the initiative 😉 . the same applies when it comes 2 expressin ur love.

  4. …just another post .. on girls..
    What will be the importance of being a girl
    when she thinks/acts/feels like a boy??
    She HAS to be different .She cant be you or
    you cant be her .Girls are not weak or pathetic.
    They are D I F F E R E N T.
    Accept it.Try to respect this difference.

  5. I accept and respect the difference…its just that i am wondering why do girls try to show that they are so ..whatever..and dont have any desires and all.. why can’t they be more open with their feelings not in fron tof the whole world but atleast with the ppl whom they consider close….

  6. Well..maybe its like girls are made like this only.Though all r not same…and even guys are all not same too…but most of them are like this only.

  7. I was directed to this post by a friend and what can I say.A guy making the first move is a proof of their chivalry – its a more traditional way of looking at things but hell what it works for most of the gals.Dude if you want to befriend a gal then its better if you initiate the process.But kudos for being so honest.Your posts are something for retrospection for all the readers.

  8. funny post,
    I was expecting tht comment from Karan….
    Somethings are predefined…. well I won’t say its a rule …but its kindoff covention tht the guy makes the first move…
    can regard it as our gentlemanliness & self counciousness of girls….

  9. @ Nidhi: May be .. but its not logical yaar

    @ Anshul: I kno mera kuch nahin ho sakta

    @ Jairaj: Thanx Buddy

    @ Namrata : Well first of al i should thank that frnd of urs.. 🙂 Well dont you think all these talk about chivalry and all those dreams about knights in shining armour are just a bit outdated…I think girls are no lesser than guys in any issue as the girls themselves say… So dont you think that girls should have a feeling of equality in this sense too.. You just deny my basic point.. Why should a guy always move forward. WIth a complete stranger it might be ok but for two classmates these type of things are crap.

    @ Chand: How in God’s name did u find this post funny??? And to hell with self-conciousness of girls most of the girls we met in our day to day life are as priviliged and as confident as the guys around them. So i cant take your arguement.

  10. I kept checking this post waiting for a reply and I was not surprised by the response.Outdated,gimme a break people like Lindsay Lohan speak like this too – not that she is a great example but progressive thinking doesnt necessarily equate to what you think is equality.I can assure you that if you make a first move you will make a better impression otherwise you can brood and write posts like ‘why girls why’!Good luck.

  11. @ Namrata: I dont know what lindsay lohan says but it would have been good if you wud have quoted her but leaving her and with all due respect to woman kind i would want to ask what would a girl lose if she comes forward and talks to a guy instead of always the guy coming forward and making an advancement and to remind you i am not talking about interacting with a stranger in a dingy corner of some road but am talking about talking to a guy whom the girl sees almost daily someone like a classmate whom i dont think a girl should fear (if you can cite that as a reason for not talking to a guy) and i am not even talkign about romantic liasion, i am just talking about healthy friendship coz i know that it is too much to expect such advances from a girl in such matters though there hae been exceptions which i myself have seen and i respect them. They had the guts to tell a guy what they felt and had to courage to face a denial if need be but i think most of the girls lack courage in sich matters and please dont give me the explanation that ppl will talk crap about such a girl and demean here coz if ppl want to demean a girl they can do it without any string point but a person who is comfortable with woman and has no complexes with himself would not talk about such girls.
    Point is i think girls also have the rights to express themselves and i really think that they should use this and let the world be a free space for them.
    One thing more is making a first move or brooding, i agree with you that in most of the cases it is necessary for a guy to make the first move to befriend a gal it has become sort of ingrained in our culture thats why i never talked much with the girls of IIIT i somehow felt that it was attitude on their part but later i realised that it was not the attitude problem it was some thing else which required me to go and talk to them…I mean why should a guy go and talk … You just give me a reason isnt this sort of disgracing guys…A Guy should always take a bow and talk to a girl. I wont mind bowing down before someone special in my life but not always and for everyone.. This i guess is a reason why i dont strike friendship in stantly with girls…
    I hope This comment will sure go down as one of the longest one in blogosphere. Waise truly speaking i had written this post coz i wanted to discuss it with a girl but none before you preseneted her point.I would surely like to have a long discussion on this point someday with someone

  12. I wud like to write a dialogue frm “American pie the naked mile”
    “A girl is considerd to be pure until when she is virgin ,but a guy becomes a stud when he loses his virginity” .

    The society is root cause of this thing , before girls were never allowed to come out their homes , now if they start talking about sex wouldnt it look odd ??? . I am seeing the future dude , girls totally cool abt sex talk , watching BF’s with us .

    @Namrata Lindsay lohan hi mili kya :(( , by the way the girls in foriegn countries are cool abt these things , u could have justified your comment by givin an Indian example like mallika sherawat or Rakhi Sawant 😛

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