Akela Hoon Main!!

Ever been at the loss to find a friend to talk to when down???Somehow when you are in a good mood just feel like talking to whole world it is a function of n increases with n where n is the no of ppl around u.The more the merrier, it almost always increases but suddenly a mood swing and the domain of people with whom you are intersted in having a talk changes all of a sudden the cardinality of the domain becomes log(log(n)) of the original cordinality(that is to say it becomes almost constant in lay man terms ,see studying algos)

Well now coming to the normal language just that whenever i feel down its just a fixed set of people to whom i wouldl ike to talk and if any other person comes talking it just increases the fustration and chances are that you will most probably end up saying something untoward to the person. In such times you realise the value of family …. however bad be your situation you can always turn to your family . Somehow i realised that family is just like GOD you might not be turning to them when you are happy just enjoying yourselves but whenever you are in a state of bother the first people to whom you turn are them…Actually my point is not even this…

Even the best of your friends might not be the company you want….You might be wanting to keep brooding in some lonely place but at that time the family comes in….you might not talk about your problem but the voices emanating out of the throat of your parents can be the most calming effect on your sole which no friend might not have been able to provide.. 🙂

PS1:- Whats the motive behind writing this post??? I dunno just felt like .. 🙂
PS2:- 4th sem getting on to me..though the subjects and profs are best we have got in IIIT but the workload is killlllling me
PS3:- Matter of the post has turned out to be diff from the title but whats there in a name???
PS4:- Elvis Presley is not only the king of Rock and Roll he is just the king of music…this man rocks have been listening to him continously for 15-20 days with someother songs creeping in between for some time

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9 thoughts on “Akela Hoon Main!!

  1. So very true pal.. under no circumstances, can frenz take family’s place. I totally agree with ya!
    And what u mentioned often happens with me 2!!

  2. alas read ur post sheesh … even i have gone thru this before 😦 … i just wish the school days come back 😦 i just miss my family 😦 . By the way Elvis totally rox 😛 .

  3. hey BC man wht happened to u …….. u look very depressed nowadyz…….if u want to talk about anything plz remember i’m alwayz there as i know u were da first one in my life wid whom i have shared my inner feelings…..but its definitely true that nobody can replace ur family……..& even i feel the same most of da time

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