Who’s who of our batch

Here is a list compiled by me about The ‘Who’s who of our batch..The list is sorted in descending order alphabetically

The ‘Topper- Ankit Saraswat

The ‘Studious’ – Saurav Khurana

The ‘SportsWoman’ – Prashasti

The ‘Sophisticated’ & The ‘Alsi(Lazy)’ – Aditya

The ‘Pj Kings’ – MAruti, Sashidhar and Scientist(Abhishek Sainani for The ‘uninformed)

The ‘Philosophical’ – Pankaj Anthwal

The ‘Organiser’ – Maroo

The ‘Neta’ – Daddu

The ‘Mystery guy’ – kharkwal

The ‘Lucky’ – PK Singh

The ‘Linux God’ – Kulbir

The ‘Kameena Brain’ – Mathur

The ‘Dynamic guy’ – close race between pagare n maroo

The ‘Drivers Finder’ – Koduri(made net run on a linux system when even our dear nirnimesh sir couldnt… 🙂 )

The ‘Downloader’ – Dandu

The ‘Doodhwala’ – Deepak Vig

The ‘Decent guy’ – Sambhav

The ‘Cool dudes’ – PSSSchandra n Prateek

The ‘Confused’ – Raman

The ‘Coders’ – Abhilash n Somani

The ‘Mr Clean Room’ – Vipul

The ‘Child’ – Harshita

The ‘Body builder’ – Chand

The ‘Bcbaaz’ – ME (For the uninformed BC=Timepass and nothing else  🙂 )

The ‘Athlete’ – Kabeer

This is my perception and nobody is expected to believe it or take it to heart..but this is the image i have formed of some of the ppl with whom i have been living for the pat one and a half year…

PS1:- The batch trip was kool,koooler,koolest and my throat is still hoarse 🙂
PS2:- Back to the normal routine of assignments  n studies…. its like coming back to hell after having the comforts of heaven… 😦


12 thoughts on “Who’s who of our batch

  1. by the way i think The “Lucky Guy” should be you .
    and I think you have forgotten to add “The p Gang”
    and The “Golu” –> Abhinav and you shud include Ppl like
    Raman and Dadu in Kameena Mind

    // By the way no offense meant to any body

  2. @ MAruti : there’s a reason i said Pk is lucky and you are also lucky in that respect…..
    abt Raman …he doesnt compare besides he is the confused..and ya shud hav added Daddu but he is already the neta.. 🙂
    abt the P- band its not a single individual
    and abt Golu thats not a special quality of him…its just an endearing name with which we call him…

  3. yaar main itna kamina to nahin hun…jitna mere ko hype kar rahe ho…
    kabhi kabhi chal jaata hai …
    neways..tu manish ko bhul gaya..
    aur agar aise hi list banata raha to 176 ke 176 ki kuch na kuch khubiyan nikal hi jayengi…
    eg. dena nahin chahata apne dost hain yaar..

  4. actually u can find in ‘cool dudes’, ‘woman’s man’, ‘heaviest blogger’ categories 😀
    u can include nahar in ‘jo sabse jaada leta hai’ category.. along with urself 😛

  5. @ Harshita: Exactly because of statements like this..you ar the sweet and adorable kid of our batch
    @ Mathur: We are not hyoing it and the only guy who can compete with u in kameenapan is our sharp minded Daddu
    @ Karan: First of all thanx… and can u suggest sum ppl for the categories u wrote…i can understand that i am the heavy blogger but what abt the odr categories?????

  6. @ Prateek : This post is abt the way ppl are..and their behaviour not their nicknames thats why DJ Ranga doesnt qualifies… 🙂
    @Shrikant: thanx dude 🙂

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